Furnishing an Apartment That Will be Home to Pets

Growing up with pets of all kinds taught me that animals often destroy things…expensive things usually. If you are moving into a new apartment with your pet, or you are thinking of adopting a new pet once you are settled in, there are some important things that you need to consider when buying furnishings.

Couches and pets either become best friends or worst enemies.

Jessie's kittyLiving room seating is made out of all types of fabrics now, but not all types of fabrics are going to agree with your pet. Your cat is going to use the sides of the couch as a scratching post and ends up shredding the material. Your dog is going to jump up with his muddy paws, and leave stains everywhere. So yes, that couch with the woven fabric is beautiful and soft, but it won’t stay that way if you are bringing it into your apartment.

Microfiber is by far, the best material for pet owners. Cats generally do not bother trying to scratch it because their claws cannot grip, but don’t worry, they still love to cuddle up on it! Microfiber is also known to be stain resistant and it’s easy to clean. There are many couches sold in microfiber materials so you won’t have any trouble finding them in most big box and online stores, such as  Walmart, Overstock.com and IKEA.

As a bonus, microfiber is often cheaper than the other fabrics!

Area rugs love to hold onto fur!

Area rugs are the perfect way to add that contrast or pop of color to your room. Not to mention they keep your feet warm! But dark rugs (or really light rugs if your pet has dark fur) are almost always a bad idea. My dog, Charlie, is a yellow lab who is almost white. My parents recently bought this beautiful area rug that is navy blue. Guess who won? (Yesterday my mom bought a new rug..on the upside I now get that expensive rug for my apartment!)

dog on rugThe best solution for this problem is to buy an area rug that has lots of different colors, or one that is similar to the color of your pet’s fur. You are going to spend a good amount of money on a rug, and your dog is going to decide the rug is his new favorite place to lay, so consider how many times a day you feel like vacuuming. I am going to assume the answer is less than 1 time per day, so don’t forget to consider your pet when you buy anything his fur will stick to!

Buying a dark couch is usually also a bad idea.


Are you about to buy something that you don’t want your pet anywhere near? Reconsider!

I was furniture shopping yesterday, and came across this beautiful accent chair. I thought it would be the perfect piece to bring the living room together, but then I realized something. That chair is expensive, and it is covered in a fabric that my cat’s fur is going to stick to forever. My cat is also probably going to use it as a scratching post (the chair wasn’t microfiber). So, I walked away. Yes it is disappointing to walk away from something you really want, but how will that chair ever compare to the love you have for your pet?

It won’t! Lets be realistic, if you love that chair more than your pet, you probably shouldn’t even have a pet.


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