5 Easy Tricks to Brighten Up Your Apartment

Spring is finally here! It’s been a long, cold winter and I know we are all ready for some warmer weather and sunshine! While we wait for the springtime showers to disappear, here are five easy things to do to brighten up your apartment and put a smile on your face!

79d52ccfbd7e004bf1dfa0cc067fa605 Pick up fresh flowers

Nothing says spring more than a pretty bouquet on the kitchen table! Pick up a bunch from the local florist, or even a cheap bunch from the grocery store will do the trick. Sometimes, flowers may feel like a waste…but they can really brighten up your place!


Buy lamps or open the blinds

As it’s gotten lighter out later, take advantage of the sunshine by opening your blinds and windows! It’s hard not to smile with sunshine pouring into your apartment. If you place is like mine (and lacks tons of windows), buy a few lamps and fill them with incandescent light bulbs or Edison bulbs to have some fun light in your space.


Plant succulents

My most recent obsession are succulents! Pretty cheap, fun to put together, and an absolutely adorable way to get some low-maintenance green indoors. To mimic these, buy a few different succulent plants from your local plant/hardware store and plant them (with potting soil) in little containers. I got mine from the dollar store!


Rotate your apartment’s colors

Now’s a great time to switch out your accent  pillows, throw blankets, place-mats, dish towels, and more! Trade your fall tones for bright colors for summer or pastels for spring. Use this handy guide to help you choose the best colors for your apartment and check out the special Marimekko Collection at Target for adding great splashes of color at affordable prices.


Find local produce

Changing seasons means a change in fresh produce! Check out your local farmers market (or even grocery store) for great deals on pretty, fresh food. Not only will fresh produce look great in a basket in your kitchen, it’ll make you feel great as well.

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