Productive “Me”-Time

Most people (if not all!) enjoy alone time sometimes. It may not be every day, or even every week, but it’s nice to take a few minutes of “Me”-Time to yourself now and again.  If you have a roommate (or multiples!), you may find yourself craving it. But, “Me”-Time doesn’t have to be a waste! Instead, consider your “Me”-Time as time to spend being productive, checking items off of your to-do lists, and alleviating personal stress. Here are a couple things you can do (in your apartment!) to keep your “Me”-Time productive!

  • Put your headphones in and clean up! Whether the living room needs a quick vacuum, or you need to run a couple loads of laundry, spend some time yourself straightening up your living space. Not only will you get a little personal time, but you’ll also finish up with a much cleaner, fresher space.
  • 56916f980c6c0b9f_83590625.previewPlan for the week by food prepping your meals. This can be a really fun activity to start to do on your own. I’ve started cooking recently and really love it! Take one afternoon or evening to plan and cook your week of meals, whether it’s preparing lunches or dinners, or both! This is a hugely productive task, and it can help you save time and money during the week.
  • Pick up that book and read. If you’re anything like me, you have a stack of books that you’ve “meant to read” for months. Take some “Me”-Time to put your phone on silent and cuddle up with the book on the top of the stack.
  • Start a journal about your life. Even if you jot down a few notes once a month before you go to bed, consider starting to journal. This can be cathartic, as you’re forced to reflect on your feelings. Plus, they make fun mementos as you get older.
  • Step outside and take a walk. (Bonus if you have animals to take with you!) Going outside makes most people feel good automatically, and getting some light exercise doesn’t hurt. Take a walk for the sake of walking, not with the intent of getting somewhere specific, or being rushed. Enjoy the time to yourself!
  • Practice playing an instrument. If you have a musical background, try to pick up your skills where you left off. From practicing piano on a cheap keyboard to finding your old winds instrument, spend some time building up a skill you’ve forgotten you have.

I’ve found that with roommates, it’s easy to starve yourself of personal time. Try a few of these this week to reconnect and recharge by having “Me”-Time without having to feel guilty about it!

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