Hosting Four-Legged Guests

My roommate/boyfriend Matt and I have two amazing dogs! Having them in our place makes it feel more like home, they are fun to be around, and they ensure that we spend time outside every day walking and playing with them.

Well, this weekend, we are also hosting my parents’ two dogs! As you can imagine, this takes a lot of prep work.

Here are a few things anyone hosting a visiting pet needs to consider.

tips-for-apartment-hunting-with-petsWhat is the landlord’s policy on animals? 

If you’re not allowed to have animals in your apartment, you’re out of luck. It’s not worth risking your lease! If they do allow animals, make sure to see if they have a limit on how many animals can stay there at one time, and any penalties for damage.

Is the dog potty-trained? 

In an apartment, animals must be potty-trained, or you’re going to have a stinky space and fees for damage. Make sure the animals you’re considering baby-sitting are very well trained!

Do you have time to commit to being home?

Animals can get uncomfortable in new environments, so make sure that you have time to commit to being home with them while they’re at your apartment. Nothing is worse than a dog barking all day or all night because you’re not home!

Do all of the animals get along well? 

If you have animals, do they get along with the animals you may babysit? If you’re hosting multiple animals, do they get along well together? If either answer is no, you may be better off not bringing the animals into your apartment.

How long will it last?

Babysitting animals can be great at first, and slowly wear on you if they misbehave or require you to spend more time at home than you would like. If your friend/family member is going on a quick trip, you may be able to make it work. For longer trips, it will take more thought and sacrifice to make it happen.

Have you ever hosted someone else’s pets in your apartment? How did it go? Anything else to consider before saying YES?!

P.S. Does your dream first apartment include a cute kitty or a friendly, tail-wagging dog? Before you head out to the pet store or the local shelter, do a trial run by hosting a four-legged guest for a few days. Having a pet in the apartment takes a lot of planning, not to mention the expenses that come with pet ownership. And getting a pet and not being able to keep it for some reason is heart-breaking for you and the pet.


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  1. MFA Editors MFA Editors

    We have hosted many dogs (Spot, Ollie, Lucky, Rusty and Mio), anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks. And one cool cat, Lucy. We love having our four-legged guests, and keep a stash of pet food, bowls and other supplies on hand.