9 Things to Thank Your First Roommate For

Two Chinese friends sitting on couchNot all of us are perfect, and I know I’m far from it! When I moved out of my parents’ house and into my first apartment, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ll be the first to say that I wasn’t a perfect roommate in that year! I’m sure we all have faced that situation when moving out…so it’s time to give a good old-fashioned THANK YOU to the person who loved/liked/didn’t kick us out through it all!

Dear my favorite roommate,

Thank you for…

1. Teaching me how to cook

Even if was just Easy Mac, you came from a totally different experience than I did, so there were definitely learning moments in the kitchen together.

2. Not freaking out when I forgot to take out the trash (again)

While some roommates would lose their minds over the number of times I forgot to take out the trash, you just reminded me (a few times) that roommates take turns on sanitation duty! No one likes taking out the trash (especially me), but you taught me that it must be done.

3. Staying up with me while I did laundry late Sunday night

We’re all guilty of waiting until Monday morning to realize that you don’t have any clean clothes. Shout out to my roommates who stayed up late with me the night before a big meeting or day at work to make sure you don’t fall asleep before the dryer is done.

4. Becoming obsessed with the same TV shows as me

Nothing makes #TGIT or The Bachelor nights better than having someone to share it with (and not having to leave your apartment on a work night). You’re welcome for introducing you to my favorites…and thank you for introducing me to yours.

5. Convincing me to leave the apartment a little more than I would have otherwise

While I appreciate the lack of pressure to leave, I also appreciate the fact that you invited me along to some of your events, or even just recommended a roommate dinner out from time to time. Without you, I may still be in that bed watching Netflix.

6. Staying up late to talk about life

Even if I could keep it together throughout my day, thank you for always being there at night when I got stressed out or worried. From telling me “It’s okay!” to staying up far too late to talk through problems and ideas, thanks for being there.

7. Bringing home a snack that day I stayed home sick

Being sick is the worst. We all know it. Thank you for brightening my day when I had the flu, even if you had to sanitize my doorknob when you came in and left to avoid my germs.

8. (Politely) reminding me that it’s my turn to clean the bathroom

Sorry, sorry. I promise I’ll do it next time.

9. Sharing your life with me

Having a roommate can be the best part of your first apartment experience. Thank you for talking with me, cooking alongside me, adventuring with me, and missing out on sleep because we were too busy laughing in the living room. I am thankful for everything you taught me, and for our time as roommates!

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