9 Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash

As you move into your first apartment, hopefully you have taken some time to budget your expenses, plan for each month, and add some savings to your account. If not, now is the perfect time to start (for tips, click here).

If you’ve found yourself slacking to add money to savings, or just want a little extra money at the end of each month, here are a few ideas! Quick note, though: These likely can’t be your only source of income, and if you’ve moved out and are struggling to make ends meet, you should probably revisit your budget instead of starting at this post. If you’re fairly comfortable and can use extra cash without a monthly guarantee, this is for you!cash-in-hand


The pay for babysitters is pretty great at this point (usually around $10-13 per hour), and hours can be very flexible. If you’re interested, try to babysit a few times a month, either on a weekend or weekday evening for a few hours. This gives you a little extra cash, which you can drop right into savings.

Think about neighbors, friends or local family members with kids that could use a night out of the house, then offer to help! If you’re interested, explain that you love kids (if you do!) and would love to help your neighbor/friend/family member get a break every now and then. Brush up on your CPR/emergency care knowledge, and have fun!


Many popular blog websites post position openings from time to time. If you’re a strong writer (and enjoy it), apply to any that interest you! Blogging is a great creative outlet that can also serve as a portion of your professional portfolio as you move on in your career. It’s a quick way to make cash and can be a lot of fun!

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Direct sales

Positions with direct sales companies are always open! I work for Stella & Dot on the side and really enjoy building my own business with the support of a massive company. Direct sales companies (think Stella & Dot, Mary Kay etc.) offer individuals a “business in a box,” alongside sales and marketing materials. The consultant (you!) sells the product and is paid a commission! It’s pretty simple to get started, but make sure you join a company you believe in and that you have a little cash to get started.

Garage Sales

If you find yourself with a surplus of junk…sell it! Pay here completely depends, and you should plan to get pennies-on-the-dollar for most things you sell after they’ve been used. That said, selling old clothes, electronics, decor, and furniture can make you some money quickly! Check out online resources and apps like Garage Sale Facebook pages, Craigslist, 5mile, or MoveLoot to get started.


House-sitting can be very lucrative, but can also be pretty invasive into your schedule. In most cases, clients will ask you to stay in their house while they are out of town. This can be a nice, fun experience, however! Make sure not to over-commit to the time length, though, and offer your help to family/friends you are comfortable with first to get more experience.


People with green thumbs should consider lending their help to neighbors and friends when it comes to landscaping! From mowing the lawn every 2 weeks to planning to shovel snow, landscaping can become an easy, cyclical income source!


If you like animals, offer your pet-sitting services to friends/family/neighbors, especially during busy travel seasons like the holidays. The pay here is generally good as well, and depends on how much care the animals need. Make sure you’re comfortable with every pet that your client has, and that you have the time to commit to visiting their house as often as they require.

Part-time work

If money is still tight, consider a part-time job to supplement your income. Grocery stores, restaurants, and retail locations generally offer nighttime shifts, so you can work after your first job completes. My advice to you is to look for a location near your home, so you don’t spend too much time commuting to the part-time work.

Temporary jobs

Check out local listings for temporary positions! I found a receptionist job this way once, and it worked out great! Oftentimes, if a company loses an employee (think receptionist, etc.) they need to fill it immediately. This is where you come in to fill-in for a few months until they find the perfect long-term candidate for the role.

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