How to Have a Low-Key and Affordable New Year’s Eve at Your Apartment

Affordable New Year’s EveThe holidays are a wonderful time of the year, where you can spend time away from work and more time with friends and family, or just relax on the couch watching TV and cuddling a seasonal popcorn tin. After White Elephant gift exchanges, holiday parties, and shopping for gifts, you may feel a tad low on cash this month and are hesitant to spend a lot of money going out for New Year’s Eve. We are with you, and offer here a quick guide for having a low key, fun and affordable get together for New Year’s with friends or family.

1. Choose an easy dinner option that can feed a crowd.

One of my favorite things to cook when I have friends over is flatbread pizza. People can add their own toppings to accompany their tastes and dietary restrictions, and you don’t need many ingredients to make it! You can also make cooking the main event, by having guests decorate and cook their pizzas themselves! To make it even more fun, have a contest on who can create the best pizza, allow everyone to vote and offer prizes! Other options with few ingredients but that can still feed a crowd include enchiladas, pastas, or you can try one of these recipes here here.

If you own a slow cooker or can borrow one,  there a tons of easy recipes online for chili and other crowd-pleasing dishes that cook while you are getting you place ready for your party.

2. Have a dance party in your living room!

You don’t have to hit the bars or clubs to get down and boogie! Rearrange some furniture, create a playlist, turn off the lights, and pick up some glow sticks to have a fun New Year’s Eve! You can even create glow in the dark shirts or decorations to go all out! Just make sure you O.K. this with any housemates so they’re aware of what’s happening.  It’s also smart to let your closest neighbors know about your plans and keep the volume reasonable on your music so you don’t receive noise complaints and get into trouble with your landlord!

3. Have a movie night highlighting the best movies of 2015.

Break out the popcorn tin(s) and watch some of the best films that came out this year.  You can go off the Oscar nominations here, or you can just pick your favorite films from 2015!

Another fun option is to show old favorite movies that feature New Year’s Eve – think When Harry Met Sally or Ghostbusters II.

4. Don’t be afraid to break out board games or a deck of cards.

You don’t have to limit yourself to typical games like Monopoly or Scrabble. Pick games that everyone can be involved in. Apples to Apples and its more extreme cousin Cards Against Humanity have always been hits at events I’ve been to. You can also have “blast from the past” video games night or play old games, such as Connect Four or Twister.

I hope these tips help you to host a relaxed, fun and affordable New Year’s Eve Party this year.  Here’s a toast to an amazing night and an even greater 2016!

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