GIVEAWAY of 2 One-Year Netflix Subscriptions

This GIVEAWAY is now closed.

Our two randomly selected winners were:

  • tymajor81 who sleeps on a full size mattress which is perfect for him and whose favorite show to watch on Netflix is The Blacklist.
  • Cindy who sleeps on a queen and whose favorite show is Justified.

Sponsored Giveaway

The weather outside may be frightful, but thanks to our generous giveway sponsor, Tuck, you’ll be snuggled up in your comfy bed, binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. Our friends at Tuck are giving away 2 one-year Netflix subscriptions.

The rules for this giveaway are simple — in the comments to this post just answer two questions:

  • What size mattress do you currently sleep on?
  • What’s your favorite TV show to watch on Netflix?

The giveaway will close at midnight on Tuesday, December 8.  We’ll summarize the answers to the giveaway questions, and announce the two randomly selected winners on Wednesday, December 9.

Check out below Tuck’s handy infographic and guide on selecting your next mattress.

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Mattress Size for You (and Your Friends)

Buying a mattress can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. We started Tuck in order to simplify the process, making it easy and affordable to get a great memory foam mattress.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when considering buying a mattress, is what size you want. You’ve probably heard of the standard sizes – Twin, Queen, Full, etc. but how do you know what’s right for you (and whoever else you share your bed with)?

Fortunately, we’ve created this handy size guide to show you exactly how the different standard mattresses sizes compare:

Tuck Mattress Sizes Infographic

Twin: Designed for the solo and rather petite sleeper. The humble Twin might be right for you if you’re stuck in a dorm room or a spatially-challenged New York City apartment.

Twin XL: Just like the even-more-legroom seats on airplanes, the Twin XL will allow you to stretch out and relax. Although it’s longer than the Twin, the Twin XL is still only recommended for solo sleepers.

Full: Want to get cozy with a furry friend? The Full mattress provides enough space for you and your small pet; or for those who prefer to sleep starfish style.

Queen: If mattress sizes were like porridge in Goldilocks, the Queen would be ‘just right’. Good for solo sleepers or couples, this popular mattress size provides enough space for activities without taking up the whole room.

King: Truly fit for royalty. A King mattress will give you and your loved one(s) plenty of room to roll around without the fear of falling off. If you have a larger room and host a lot of slumber parties, this is the mattress for you.

California King: The longest mattress option out there, the Cal King was designed with NBA players in mind. If you’re over 6’3 and have a significant other, or just like rolling around on your bed, this is the mattress for you.

Whether you’re about to move and need a new mattress or you’re thinking about upgrading from an old hand-me-down you got from your great aunt Mildred; we hope you found this guide to be helpful.

Lastly, if you want to get a premium memory foam mattress without the hassle or expense of going to a retail store check out Don’t forget to use the code “MyFirstApartment” for $50 off any mattress, now until January 31st, 2016!

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Comments (76)

  1. Avatar Melissa A.

    Full size mattress and I am obsessed with Jane the Virgin! Am dying for season 2 already.

    • Avatar Tuck

      uh oh… maybe time to upgrade to a Full or Queen??

      Check out our site for another chance to win a free year of Netflix and maybe just pick up that new bed you deserve:

  2. Avatar Holly

    We sleep on queen mattress (though I’d love a king!)

    My favorite Netflix show is House of Cards, I think the most recent season was the last, but it was so addictive!

    • Avatar Tuck

      If you want to upgrade to a shiny new luxuriously comfortable memory foam king mattress… you know where to find us:

      Only $700 w/ the discount code and free shipping!

  3. Avatar Tabathia B

    I sleep on a queen size mattress.I love catching up on seasons of Supernatural and watching the new season and show Jessica Jones

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  4. Avatar Deborah G.

    I sleep on a queen sized mattress with my boyfriend, our baby boy, and our cat. It is quite tight. We like to watch Izombie on Netflix!

  5. Avatar susitravl

    I sleep on a king now and really miss my California King. I’m getting another next time I buy a new mattress. My favorite TV show on Netflix is Maron.

  6. Avatar Elizabeth Williamson

    We sleep on a queen but we bedshare with our son and for someone so small, he takes up a lot of space! Haha.
    My favorite show to watch on Netflix is my favorite show ever, criminal minds. Netflix allows me to binge watch it whenever I want.

  7. Avatar Olivia J

    Mattress: Twin :( so sad too bad, a full size bed frame would swallow my apartment whole!
    TV: The Office, never gets old.

  8. Avatar Vero M

    So the size mattress I currently sleep on is a Queen and my favorite TV show to watch on Netflix is switched at birth :P

  9. Avatar Sydney

    Mattress: Queen
    TV Show: 24. This show was actually my reasoning in convincing my parents to purchase our Netflix subscription.

  10. Avatar Jamie Rome

    Mattress- Queen, currently sleeping two humans and two fur children.
    Netflix- The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I love her spirit and enthusiasm!!

    • Avatar Tuck

      6’8! Wow, that’s impressive. I’m 5’7 on a good day and currently the tallest member of my family by a full 3 inches.

      We love Friends as well! Thanks for the response Bryce!

    • Avatar Tuck

      Thanks Dy! A Queen is a great mattress slumber parties, cuddling, and rolling around in bed. It’s also the most popular size mattress we sell.

      Narcos is an awesome show! A little tough to fall asleep to given all the action, but a great show nonetheless.

    • Avatar Tuck

      “I think you misunderstood me….I’ll have all of your bacon and eggs.” – Ron Swanson

      We love Parks and Recs as well! Thanks for the comment Ciara.

  11. Avatar Mary

    My current bed is a queen size. My favorite show on Netflix is How To Get Away With Murder.

  12. Avatar Kristin Hill

    I currently sleep on an old couch, but my last bed was a full.

    I’m currently Netflix bingeing on Supernatural.

    • Avatar Tuck

      Oh no Kristin! The old couch just won’t do. We have to get you a Tuck mattress!

      Also, we’ve never heard of Supernatural so we’ll be sure to check it out.

  13. Avatar Bradford Lee Smith

    I sleep on a full size mattress. My favorite show on Netflix right now is the Blacklist

  14. Avatar Miranda

    I sleep on a full with my boyfriend and sleep starfish style lol My favorite show is Orange is the New Black

  15. Avatar Felipe Toso

    I sleep on a Queen sized mattress, even though I’m a King. My favorite TV show on Netflix is the new show Master of None. But I don’t have a Netflix subscription at the moment, so I can’t watch it.. *cough cough*…

  16. Avatar Maxwell

    I sleep on a queen size mattress and feel like it is too big for one person, but maybe too small for two people. My favorite show to watch on Netflix is the Peaky Blinders

    • Avatar Tuck

      This is the age old mattress dilemma! There are a few factors to consider:

      1. What type of sleeper are you?
      If you like to roll around or sleep in a starfish position, a queen would be the perfect size for you as a solo sleeper but a nightmare if you were sleeping with someone else.

      2. How tall are you?
      Standing at 5’7 when the wind blows right, a queen is a lot of space for just me. A taller individual would probably argue that point.

      3. When sleeping with someone, what type of cuddler are you?
      If you and your bedmate are close cuddlers, a queen might work. If you don’t like a lot of contact when sleeping, you might want to upgrade to the King. Check out our cuddling blog for a more in depth explanation:

      Lastly, Peaky Blinders is by far our favorite Netflix show! Tommy Shelby…what a stud.

  17. Avatar Ben

    I sleep on a queen size bed, but my girlfriend would prefer a king! My favorite TV show on Netflix is Master of None.

    • Avatar Tuck

      Thanks Ben! Our team just started watching Masters of None and it’s absolutely hilarious (great show to fall asleep to).

      Whenever you’re ready to upgrade to a King, we’ve got you covered. Just visit and use the discount code “MyFirstApartment” for $50 off. Feel free to reach out to us [email protected] with any questions.