Cheap & Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s an exciting time in your first apartment! If you’re like me, when you moved out of your old home and into your new one, festive decorations were the last things on your mind! But now that you’re settled in, decorating for the holidays can be your favorite time of year!

Lights are a fun and easy way to decorate! Whether you wrap them around your outdoor porch or hang them from the walls to create a decorative atmosphere inside, you’re sure to find enough at a local big-box store or even second-hand (just make sure they work first!). Check your lease or ask your landlord to make sure they don’t violate any policies.Holiday Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for a Christmas Tree on a budget, no fear! Look at secondhand stores for a fake tree, or compare prices of local farms and stores nearby. Plus, you probably don’t need a huge tree in your apartment (to save space!) and the smaller ones are not over-the-top expensive. You can even get a small live tree in a container that will stay fresh through the holidays.Holiday Decorating Ideas

Fall and winter wreaths are also fun ways to decorate your place, whether you hang the wreath outside your front door (if you’re confident it won’t get stolen) or inside your front door so you get to see if every day! Wreaths are easy to DIY if you’re crafty and can search online for wreath demos, or you can check local craft stores for pre-made wreaths. Holiday Decorating Ideas

Table decorations can be the most intimidating part of decorating, if your family is used to a mega-decorated dinner table for holiday meals. The good news is that table cloths & table runners are easy to find, whether online, in thrift stores, or in shops like T.J. Maxx. Pick a cloth that you like (and/or one that can transition out of the holiday season and into everyday life), then choose a theme for your decor (flowers, candles, etc.)Holiday Decorating Ideas
that matches both the cloth and the holiday you’re celebrating. If you’re not into tablecloths, consider place mats that fit your style and the holiday!

Other decor is easy to find in secondhand stores, or on sale in craft stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Target, or even Walmart. Check your local thrift shops first (and before the holiday season to scoop up the best deals) and set them out!

Then, plan to take down decorations 1-2 weeks after the holiday ends and carefully pack them away for next year!

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