And Our Netflix Subscription GIVEAWAY Winners Are…

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Our giveway sponsor, Tuck, will be sending one-year Netflix subscriptions to our two randomly selected winners:

  • tymajor81 who sleeps on a full size mattress which is perfect for him and whose favorite show to watch on Netflix is The Blacklist.
  • Cindy who sleeps on a queen and whose favorite show is Justified.

The winners will be also notified by email.

To refresh your memory, our giveaway rules were simple — in the comments to the post you just had to answer two questions:

  • What size mattress do you currently sleep on?
  • What’s your favorite TV show to watch on Netflix?

So, what is the most popular mattress size for My First Apartment readers? Queen, by a mile —  58% of the giveaway participants sleep on a queen mattress, some snuggling with their significant others and babies, or with dogs and cats, or both.  23% had a full size bed and the rest were about evenly split between twin and king.

The favorite Netflix series ran the gamut from the Roosevelts to iZombie.  Only three series received three thumbs up; Jessica Jones, Friends and Orange is the New Black.  Our personal Netflix fave, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was mentioned twice, as were Jane the Virgin, House of Cards, Master of None and How to Get Away with Murder, all great shows to check out when you’re a snowed in this winter.

Don’t forget to visit our sponsor’s site,  and use the code “MyFirstApartment” for $50 off any mattress, now until January 31st, 2016!

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