5 Questions To Ask Before You Offer To Host Guests

If this is your first big holiday season in your first apartment, you’re in for a treat! If family and friends live nearby, they’ll likely want to come check it out, whether for a quick tour, for dinner, or game night! If family and friends plan on traveling in for the holiday, you may be in a great position to help them out…by hosting them!

Hosting out-of-town guests can be a tricky challenge. But with some thoughtful preparation, your guests’ stay can be a great one! As long as it’s okay with your roommate(s), hosting guests can be a fun way for you to show off your new place and help out someone you care about. Here are a few things to think about before you offer your place to a friend or family member for a weekend or longer:

1. Where can they sleep?

This is probably the most important one. If you have a guest bedroom, it’s an easy answer. If you don’t, however, you don’t have to say no right away! Think creatively — can they snooze on the couch for a couple days? Should you buy an air mattress to lay in the living room?

2. What about privacy?

In a small space, your guest probably isn’t expecting 5-star-hotel worth of privacy. But, where can they change clothes? Take a shower? Get ready in the morning?

3. What transportation is available?

Out-of-town guests can be very reliant on their hosts for transportation if they didn’t drive to visit you. If you usually take your car to work every day (and are working during their visit), they could drop you off at work and take your car while you’re in the office. If public transportation is easy, give them a quick education on how it works and where they can take it if you’re away.

4. What do eating arrangements look like?

Are you expected to cook all of your guests’ meals? That could be an expectation! Make sure to manage what they’re wanting before you agree to host. Perhaps one night, they can treat you to take-out as a thank-you for the stay, or pitch in for groceries if they’re staying for more than a weekend.

5. Can I handle this person 24-7 for the amount of time?!

Of course, consider your own sanity! Bringing guests into your apartment will definitely disrupt your routine, but can be a TON of fun. Just think it though before you offer your guest room/sofa/air mattress. Once they’re there, you’ll likely be together all day-every day until they leave, and nothing’s worse than having nowhere to go to escape an irritating friend!!

If you can make it work, let them know sooner than later so your guests can make plans!

For a complete list of to-do’s before they arrive, check out this post to make them feel welcome.

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