How to Host An On-Budget Friendsgiving Party with Roommates

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (what?!) and for a lot of us, that means the 3 F’s: food, friends, and family. Even if you get to head home for the holiday, host a little Friendsgiving get-together with your roomies and take this opportunity to sit down for a fun meal and remind yourselves why you are so lucky to have each other.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten that you live in an apartment. With little space. With a half-broken stovetop. With a fridge that’s full of old food and beer. That’s where I come in.

Check out these budget-friendly ideas to make your holiday dinner easy and delicious.

friendsgiving party

1 Candles & a tablecloth from your local thrift store or Goodwill. Going out and buying a couple (cheap) fancier things will make your setting special and set this apart from other dinners.

Write notes to each other and leave them at your roommates’ place settings. Think about  what you appreciate about them and how they have been an awesome roommate.

3 Make decoration like you did in elementary school.

4 Recipe for EASY turkey that does take a lot of time, but isn’t complicated and looks delicious.

5 Potatoes are a necessity and Simply Potatoes take any struggle right out. And they’re surprisingly amazing.

6 Five ingredient green bean casserole!

7 Simple crescent rolls are perfect when you’re (still) craving carbs.

8 Stuffing doesn’t have to be as complicated as your parents make it!

9 Sweet potatoes are easy and delicious–bake in the oven and add butter and brown sugar.

10 Award winning pumpkin pie recipe (that only takes 5 minutes to prep).

11 Don’t forget your cranberry sauce!

12 CHEERS! You did it!!


My advice? Assign a couple things to each roommate, or each friend that you’re inviting over. That way, no one is spending too much or taking too much time, but it all comes together for your dinner. Let us know how it goes!!

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