No Hammer or Nails Needed! Easy Ways to Decorate Walls Damage- Free

In college I was introduced to Command products by a dorm policy that only allowed Command wall adhesives. Now that I’ve been out of that dorm for 5 years, I still am a firm believer in using these products. When looking in the Command aisle at Target, it’s hard to imagine that the little packages could do that much to improve an apartment. With a little creativity, the little hooks can easily transform a space.

It is important to note that reading the instructions on the packaging is the key to using them without damaging your walls. Make sure that the products can support the item you want to hang, and buy more adhesives for heavier items. Let the hooks sit on the wall for a day before you remove the other half of the adhesive and try to hang anything heavy. This gives them time to set, and will allow your decorations to hang for longer. Finally, when you’re ready to move on or redecorate, make sure to follow the removal instructions to avoid removing paint.

Here are ways that I’ve used Command products to decorate my space:

Hang light strings using flat hooks

Light strings are an inexpensive way to both decorate a space and to provide additional sources of light. Light can really improve a space, and strategic thinking about hanging lights can have a great impact. Some ideas are to gather lights in a corner, or to create gentle scallops or draw shapes with the light strings.

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Consider painting hooks

Here I’m using one mini hook that was leftover from hanging the lights, and one bathroom hook that was intended to hang towels. Command products come in a few different finishes- clear, white, and metallic- but for about $2 I bought a small bottle of acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Just because command products don’t look great in the package doesn’t mean that they won’t look great on the wall.

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Hang extra blankets as wall art

Wall art does not need to take the form of posters. I like to hang blankets near my bed to make a room feel cozy, and a friend of mine did a similar project using pretty dish towels. Here, I sewed a blanket to a $1 dowel rod from Michael’s and hung it from a set of 5 clear command hooks.

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Bonus: Use wrapping paper as wallpaper

I wanted to brighten up my closet, and so I took some leftover poster adhesives and cut them in to smaller squares to handle the lightweight wrapping paper. Wrapping paper is cheap and available at any convenience store, and is easily changed if you want a quick update.

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