Seven Fun&Easy Halloween Party Tips!

Halloween party tipsWant to throw the best Halloween party on the block? Yes? Then use these tips & entertain all your friends & neighbors with these great party ideas!

1. Costumes mandatory

You can have a plain-old party any day of the year, so make sure your guests come in wearing their best or favorite costumes. Whether it be cat ears & a cat nose made with eyeliner, or a full-blown hand-made costume, anything works! There’ll always be a few who don’t want to dress up, however, so make sure to be open & flexible about it.

2. Play scary movies in the background

If you have a large TV or projector, add to the feel of the holiday with scary movies, anything from classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street to comedic scary movies like the Scary Movie series. Whether they’re muted or not doesn’t matter!

3. Have one big theme, or separately-themed rooms

Whether you have multiple rooms to host people, or just one big living room, decorate it accordingly to your favorite movie(s)! You can make your own props and decorations, or buy from a store – either way, it adds to the experience.

4. Enlist help from friends to cook or bake Halloween-themed treats

You can decorate your foods as dark or as playful as you like – from sweet sugar cookie ghosts to bloody zombie brain cupcakes, anything goes!

5. Make a varied playlist

You don’t need your playlist to only have Halloween tunes! “Thriller” and “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell are great to play, but don’t tire your guests out with only Halloween songs. Include some regular favorites to break the music up a bit!

6. Go on a Haunted Beer Tour or Haunted House Tour

If you’re hosting a smaller group of people, make plans to head out later in the night for a haunted tour. My city has a Haunted Beer Tour every weekend starting in the fall, so check out what your city has! If you’re near popular haunted destinations, such as Salem, MA, then think about going there as well!

7. Set a bowl of candy out for the littlest goblins

Check to see when trick-or-treating starts & what days – if you end up hosting on a day designated for trick-or-treating, it’s not a bad idea to set out a bowl of candy outside so your festivities won’t be interrupted! Trick-or-treating typically lasts only 2-3 hours, so you will only have to worry about it for a short time. Otherwise, pick a later start after the little gremlins are back in bed!

There you have it, seven tips to help you get started on hosting a Halloween party. Also check out my fellow blogger Sam’s Halloween party ideas and let us know in the comments your spookiest suggestions!

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