Infographic: Easy At Home Workouts

Working out at home doesn’t always seem like the easiest idea. BUT, it’s much cheaper than a gym membership (aka your “home gym” aka your apartment is free!) and you can absolutely get a great workout in without leaving home. Keep in mind to be contentious of neighbors beneath you (especially when it comes to any jumping exercises) and consult your doctor before starting any serious plan. If you have any outdoor space that’s accessible, make good use of that too. Many apartments have a connected walking or running trail or a park nearby where you can stretch, walk or jog, and do some jumping exercises. Plus, getting a little fresh air probably couldn’t hurt. A good workout consists of a combination of cardio and strength training. Be sure to warm up ahead of time, but try to push yourself to do more sets or more reps of each exercise, and add in cardio every other day or on the weekends as you feel more comfortable.

Start with a tough combination of the workouts in the infographic below to get started! Choose your favorites (and force in some of your least-favorites as well) and repeat 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps* each to get your heart pumping at home!

home workouts

See? Your apartment itself is really better at hosting a good workout session than you thought right? Be creative with other exercises and variations of the exercises above. Use what’s around you to increase the difficulty of certain exercises. and enjoy the burn! Do you have any other at-home workouts that have helped you get off of the couch and into shape? Let us know any sure-fire ways in the comments!

*1 set is equal to 8-12 reps. 1 rep is one repetition of an exercise above. For example, one push-up is one rep. Repeat 8-12 pushups for 1 set.

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