Pre-Move Anticipation vs. After-Move Reality

young woman in new apartmentMoving into your first apartment will always be different from how you expect it will be. Here are some of the thoughts I had prior to moving in & the reality of apartment life!

Pre-move: The area will be dangerous.

Reality: It’s not so bad, but definitely has its rougher areas. Probably shouldn’t leave my bike outside unchained, but I feel safe!

Pre-move: Neighbors will be weird or crazy.

Reality: They’re actually really nice and totally normal! My next-door neighbor has this adorable little flower bench right outside her doorstep that I have the pleasure of seeing every morning.

Pre-move: Landlords/property management will be unaccommodating and hard to communicate with.

Reality: Not so bad! The business hours suck (8-5 & no weekends, no emergency maintenance…come on, I have a job too!) but they are very kind and take my concerns to heart.

Pre-move: I’m going to have so many plants & cook so many dinners & be super organized!

Reality: Hahahahhahahahahaha

Pre-move: How am I going to deal with bugs? I can’t be in the same room as one!

Reality: 1) You may deal with a lot more bugs than you would ever want to in a lifetime. 2) You will realize you are a warrior and no bug can match your speed & strength. Get those freeloading bugs outta there! This is your place! Assert your dominance!

Pre-move: I can’t wait to host parties and dinners when my apartment is all nice and decorated!

Reality: People will be over before you’re ready, and believe me it’s okay.

Pre-move: My apartment is going to look this way, and it’s going to look amazing & beautiful and wonderful.

Reality: No, it will not look amazing the first (or 2nd, or 3rd, or even 4th) week since moving in!

Pre-move: I won’t be like those other people who have messy pantries/cabinets/closets!

Reality: Yes you will (at least for some time :)).

Pre-move: Living in a pet-friendly area will be awesome!

Reality: Living in a pet-friendly area is awesome!

It’s hard to not think about so many different scenarios about what life will be like moving into your new apartment/neighborhood. Mix excitement and anticipation with nervousness, and you can easily come up with a variety of unlikely ideas! This is all to say don’t sweat it. You’ll deal with any hiccups as they come, and while it’s great to be as prepared as possible for a variety of situations and outcomes, you will never be able to know how it will be before you actually move, so relax & enjoy the months, weeks, and days up to your move :)

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Amanda Szymanski is a 2015 graduate from High Point University in North Carolina, from where she earned a BS in psychology. She loves all things related to scientific research, art, and mindfulness. Currently, she is employed as a research assistant working on a study investigating Alzheimer's Disease. When Amanda is not working on research, she enjoys painting with watercolors, hiking, and reading.

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  1. Avatar Angel Stevens

    You are sooooo right that people will be over before you’re ready. My friends came in my third night. my new apartmentwasn`t ready.. I had some things unpacked. First I made them help me with unpacking, then we had a supper :) Greetings!