How To SAVE Your Security Deposit

We have all heard the horror stories about sleazy landlords who will not release the security deposit on some trumped-up damage claims. This little infographic shows the steps you should take on moving in and moving out to guarantee that the deposit ends back where it belongs — in your pocket!

If you are looking for more detailed advice about getting back your security deposits after the landlord refuses to give it, check out this post by Doug. In an extreme case, you may have to sue your landlord to get your money back. As Doug says, it’s not easy, but he shows in detail how it can be done if you are prepared to do a lot of paperwork.

save your security deposit

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    • Sarah Sarah

      Hi Linda, Thanks for the extra read! I thought it was especially interesting that your landlord may only use the deposit to get unpaid rent, fix damages outside of normal wear and tear, and clean the apartment if you hadn’t…and must have repairs complete within a few weeks. All in all, it’s crucial to document any prior damage to your apartment, and be conscientious during your stay there. It’s far too easy to see your apartment as temporary (and not take great care of it!) only to need the money from your security deposit when you move out!