Random Thoughts on the First Day in a First Apartment

first apartmentThis is going to be awesome! I am all grown up!

How did I accumulate so much stuff in so few years?

No big deal, it’s only like 15 boxes. Or more than that.

And a mattress and bed frame and desk and TV and sofa.

Thank god I asked my parents to help.

Heavy. Heavy. Heavy.

I’m going to be so fit walking up and down these stairs every day.

OMG please no more stairs.

Thank god that’s over. Time to unpack.

Let’s unpack the TV first.

Can’t hurt to make sure the cable is working…

Yes, Mom & Dad I can unpack myself.


BOOM, my own place.

This is awesome.

It smells kind of weird in here. Hopefully this candle helps.

Unpacking is hard. Where does all this stuff go?

Hanging shelves is harder.¬†Why aren’t they level?!

I’ll just hang them¬†another day. Blank walls are good for the soul.

Now the kitchen…my new dishes are awesome. I love them.

Wait, why is there no food in the pantry? Or the fridge?

Forgot that that’s my job now. Pizza on the first night isn’t the worst thing.

I’ll start cooking tomorrow.

Should I have bought shelf paper? Too late.

The bathroom needs cleaning. I don’t want to think about who else may have lived here before me.

Cleaning is gross.

I deserve a TV break again, right?

Well I’m exhausted.

Time to make up my bed! In my own apartment!

I love it here.


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