Sick in Your Apartment? Be Prepared!

Getting sick is one of the facts of life–but the first time you’re sick in your own apartment can be a huge bummer if you’re not prepared. Last week, I had my wisdom teeth out (I wish I was kidding) and spent the entire weekend as a sickie…which got me thinking about how thankful I am that I’m prepared for sickness in my apartment whenever it comes! Here’s what to stock up on to make sure you’re always prepared.


– Ibuprofen: You will most likely need this at some point, whether it’s a headache or other minor pains.
– Anti-histamine: Keep Benadryl (or your anti-histamine of choice) handy. While you may not use it often, you’ll want to have it if you ever have an allergic reaction in your apartment.
– Salt: Gargling salt water can help soothe a throat-ache in minutes! Keep extra salt in your pantry in case you ever need it.


– Band Aids: All shapes and sizes. You never know.
– Antibacterial: Like Neosporin or a different antibiotic ointment to speed healing and minimize pain.
– Gauze/tape: While I hope you don’t ever need any, it’s good to have on hand, especially if you live alone.
– Rubbing Alcohol: To use as first aid antiseptic for minor cuts.
– Burn Ointment: To sooth the skin when you have a little cooking mishap.

(Note: If you buy a good first-aid kit, it will include most of these supplies.)

Sick Foods

– Crackers: These keep for a while, so it’s a good idea to keep a box in the back of the pantry. Bland, yes. Good sick food? Definitely.
– Soup: The cheapest, easiest-to-store sick food of all time! I always have a couple cans of soup in the pantry, and they’re perfect for when you’re not feeling well.


Before you actually get sick, add your primary care doctor and any specialists you see into your phone’s address book. It’ll be so much easier to push a couple buttons to reach a doctor than having to research their contact information.


– Thermometer: So you don’t sound silly when you have to call the doctor who’ll asks what’s your temperature, and to keep in touch with your sickness. Get one of those quick reading ones that work in seconds.
– Ice packs/heating pads: These can help sooth discomfort and make you feel better.
– Tissues: You know why. Much better than using a paper towel, especially on a sensitive nose!
– Blankets: Keep warm when you are sick, especially in the wintertime. Chill out on the couch with your favorite movie under a blanket and you’re sure to feel better right away.
– Movies & books: If you can’t sleep while sick, stay distracted with your favorite things.

Use this checklist to prepare your apartment, which will prepare you to kick your illness right out! Feel better, friends!

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