Cooking 101: Discovering A Healthy Vegetable Noodle Maker!

I noticed that we have not had a food post in a while so I wanted to share my newest find. I am currently training for a marathon, the New York City one to be exact! Therefore I have been trying to eat healthier and cleaner. But as everyone knows when you are working 40+ hours a week or doing school work, the one thing you wish you had more of was time. I lack a lot of time in my day-to-day preparation of meals, so my friend told me about the Inspiralizer that turns vegetables into noodles. At first I wasn’t sold, I hate fads that society gets obsessed with, but I couldn’t help it, this is great.  (This sounds exactly like an infomercial, but I’m not getting anything from either company. I just wanted to share my find with all my MFA friends.)

I found my inspiralizer at My friend has

Cooking 101

  this one

and I bought

julienne peeler

this one.

 The difference is, hers is more of a twisting method, and I refer to mine as “raking” the vegetable to form noodles. Mine cost less than $10 and works great. My friend’s is about $24 and she complains that bigger vegetables are harder for her to use because you have to take more time to cut them up. But since mine is more of a raking against the vegetable, size doesn’t matter.

Why “inspiralizing” is awesome?

  • You can turn vegetables into noodles in 5 minutes. Cook them in a pot of water to soften for 10 minutes and you are done. Feel free to add sauce or saute up some kale, mushrooms, etc.
  • Vegetable noodles are a lot healthier and just as filling.
  • Vegetables are cheaper than a box of pasta. I can buy a cucumber for $.69 and make a full bowl of pasta.
  • There are plenty of options. Cucumbers, sweet potatoes, zucchinis, and more!

There are plenty of websites, Pinterest boards and blogs that have multiple recipes for vegetable noodles.

My personal favorite recipe:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1/2 cup pasta sauce
  • 1 handful of kale
  • 5 small chopped mushrooms
  • 1/2 handful of shredded cheese

“Spiralize” your cucumber. Boil water and then allow cucumber to sit for 10 minutes. Drain pot. As you are waiting for the water to boil saute kale and mushrooms (feel free to add olive oil, salt and pepper).  When you drain the pot add the vegetable noodles and pasta sauce to the saute pan, stir, heat a bit and then plate. Don’t forget to sprinkle some cheese on top.

Enjoy a 15 minutes (max.) meal, that is healthy and tasty!

Let me know the recipes you try! I am always up for a new combination!


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