Indoor Landscaping for Your Apartment

Apartments aren’t always the most conducive to plants, but there are some ways to make them work in your small (and indoor) space. The key is to find plants that are low-maintenance AND need shade. Lucky for you, I’ve put together a list!


These are adorable, easy to take care of (they don’t need much water because their leaves stores it well) and you can mix and match in a small pot or two to make a cute arrangement for your desk, windowsill, or entertainment center. You can plant these in glass containers, pots, boxes, or a bigger pot for more plants. Look for more shallow pots for these tiny things!Indoor Landscaping


Terrariums may be even cuter than succulents, but they are a bit harder to put together. Partially fill a glass container with a layer or small rocks to collect water, then with potting soil. Next, plant small plants, succulents, and cacti in the soil. Keep an eye on it and water occasionally. Here’s a tutorial I found helpful.


Flower Boxes

If you have any outdoor or windowsill space, you can start your own flower box. You can find cute boxes at your local outdoors store, get potting soil and a few plants that call your name and get planting! Make sure they stay watered. You can set them on top of your porch railings or attach them more securely with screws to the railing. iStock_000016404827XSmall

Including plants in your apartment gives you a chance to express creativity, start to hone your green thumb, and bring some fresher air inside. Plus, flowers just make people happy! Talk to your local outdoors stores and find which plants survive best in your region of the country (amount of sunlight/rain and heat/cool, etc.) and enjoy the process!

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