Get Your Money’s Worth from Your Amenities

AmenitiesIt’s no secret that part of what you pay in rent funds amenities around the complex. But are you really getting what you pay for?

It’s definitely not the best idea to choose a complex only based on amenities. But once you’ve decided to move in, use these tips to make sure you’re getting the best out of it!

Scope it out.

First, see what is offered, and make sure you don’t miss anything! You can probably grab a pamphlet from the front office if you haven’t taken one already. They should list everything your complex has, and you can ask the attendant about amenities if papers aren’t available.

Find everything.

In a mid-size or large apartment complex, it can be hard to realize what your community has to offer. Take a nice Saturday and walk around the complex. Check out your pool or clubhouse situation, the gym if you have one, the front office, any outdoor spaces they provide, and everything else listed on the front desk info.

Use it!

Now that you’re familiar with your surroundings, and what can be done there, you can start to really take advantage of it. Try out the tennis courts instead of hitting the gym one evening. Host a small party at your pool (some pool areas even have grills to use while you’re there!). Take a walk or go for a run around a trail or sidewalk path.

What to look for…

Amenities, again, aren’t the most important part of your first apartment complex. In all honesty, most of them will go unused by you! Our complex has brand new tennis courts and a soccer field and a couple other outdoor spaces that I have yet to use. But it’s all up to personal preference. If you have a pet, look for trails or a fenced dog area. Enjoy being active? Check out the gym and to see if it’s up to par. Using your apartment’s gym can save you a lot of money in gym membership fees!

Most apartments complexes have some sort of amenities. Make sure you’re getting the best of what you have…after all, you’re paying for it!

MFA editor:  We are all jealous of our blogger Sarah who lives in a community with all these wonderful amenities. Many of our readers live in urban areas, where they can only dream of a tennis court or a pool. For them key amenities may be a front door that locks securely and a monthly visit from the exterminator. Regardless, it always makes sense to find out what is included in your rent.

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