10 Reasons Your Roommates are Actually Your Significant Others

Roommates are actually your significant othersRoommates, when you pick them right, tend to become much more than roommates. After a few months of living in a confined space with a couple people, you get to know basically everything about them.

1. What’s yours is mine (and vice versa).

“Separate pantry shelves” cease to exist, closets become interchangeable, and you stop feeling weird for spending time in their favorite chair.

2. You feel lonely without them.

And not just when you’re in the apartment without them–this is a feeling of sadness any time you’re apart.

3. But you sometimes need a break.

After a weekend of interacting with no one but your roommates, you may need to get away and spend some time alone. You know, like 30 seconds before #2 sinks in again.

4. Privacy is nonexistent.

Long conversations while one of you is in the shower/getting ready/plucking your face become very normal.

5. You introduce them as “your roommate, but we’re best friends.”

Kind of like a relationship becoming official, you broadcast your roomate-lationship to everyone who will listen.

6. You show off their accomplishments.

From a congratulatory Instagram to hanging their A+ test/acceptance letter/positive work feedback on the fridge, you’re almost happier about their good deeds than they are.

7. Staying home with them seems like a great way to spend Friday night.

Movies, cookie dough, and deep conversation (somewhat) can be more fun than a wild night on the town.

8. But friend-dates aren’t out of the question either.

Hibachi for four, please sir.

9. When they have other friends over, you want them to leave asap.

Get your own roommates, these are mine!

10. You can’t do life without them.

Isn’t that the cold, hard truth. Love you, roommates!

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