9 Emergency Numbers Every Renter Should Post

Emergency NumbersThink back to your childhood… whenever your parents left you with the babysitter, what did they always point to or leave behind before they left the house? Got it yet? No? Ok, I’ll tell you. The emergency numbers list! I know for me, my mom always left it on the refrigerator. It was the perfect place to put information that needs to be found quickly and be seen by everyone in the house.

When you’re renting an apartment there are a lot of variables that go into the upkeep of your living condition. Whether you live with  roommates or alone, you should always have a list of emergency numbers handy to preserve your peace of mind. When I say emergency numbers, I’m not talking about all the take-out places within a 5 block radius (which is helpful, by the way). I’m referring to the SOS contacts you need to solve any problem you may have or stop an incident from turning tragic. If you live around friends or family that are able to help you out in a bind, consider yourself very lucky. For those out there that are on their own in a different state/country/time zone, these numbers can smooth out a bumpy road and potentially save your life.

  1. Superintendent’s Number – At the risk of playing the Captain Obvious role, this number should be the first one on your list. In fact, you should have the super’s number on your list, in your phone, programmed in your house phone (if you have one), on your computer, and in your documents along with a copy of your lease. If your building has more than one super, get them all! You can never be too careful with having that number at arm’s reach. Your super is your first line of defense and oftentimes your only saving grace.
  2. Building Owner’s Number – There may be times where your super isn’t acting right. For example, you have a huge leak coming from your bathroom ceiling and all your super wants to do is paint over the damage. You try to convince him to make the fix more permanent but he proceeds to tell you he knows what he’s doing and this is what will be done. This is the moment when you refer to that list and pull out the owner’s number. If anyone can convince the super to do his job correctly, it’s the person who hired him. If you didn’t receive the owner’s contact information during the signing of your lease, be sure to call your building’s office and get it if you can. It’s the Wild/Draw 4 card you’ll definitely need in the clutch.
  3. Nearest Hospital/Urgent Care Center – I had a situation with a large kitchen knife a month ago. I won’t go into details but in a nutshell the scar is long, deep, and needed 4 stitches. I spent so much time on the internet looking for a local urgent care center that would take my health insurance. Before I knew it, my injury bled through three makeshift bandages before I finally left my apartment. Let this be a lesson to you; keep the name, number, and address of your nearest Hospital/Urgent Care Center on your list. It will save you so much time and leave you less stressed.
  4. Nearest Pharmacy – When life gets really hectic, sometimes the smallest things fall through the cracks. Before you know it your library book is overdue, you left some timely mail unopened, and you forgot to authorize your mail-order pill prescription. If this happens to you, having your local pharmacy’s number on the list will definitely help. Call, authorize it over the phone, and pick it up before the day is done.
  5. Local Police Precinct – Usually when you need the assistance of a police officer, you call 911. When it comes to calls that aren’t life or death emergencies, or if you want to cut out the middle man, having the number to your local precinct is a helpful tool.
  6. Poison Control 1-800-222-1222 – There’s a slim chance of someone getting poisoned unless it’s done intentionally. But if you have small children, or the roommate from hell, you may need this number in case the unthinkable happens.
  7. Each Roommate’s Emergency Contact Number – If one of the roommates fall ill, there must be someone they would want to have notified. Mom, Dad, Sister, Auntie; whoever it is, they should be on the list.
  8. Local Taxi Service – There are some places that aren’t easily reachable by public transportation. Airports, train stations, and Grandma’s house may be a few. When it’s time to make these trips, having an affordable and reliable taxi service number will be a welcome addition to your list.
  9. Local Veterinary Hot Line – I consider this number a bonus since everyone doesn’t have pets. So if you do, make sure this number is posted big and bold on your list. Pets have a way of getting into things and swallowing everything inedible so before you freak out and spend unnecessary money on a vet bill, call up a hotline and have them talk you through it. (Note: a vet hotlines may charge a small fee for phone advice.) More times than not, the incident is more of a mole hill than a mountain.

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