Easy-Peasy Packing Supplies Checklist

packing supplies checklistIt’s inevitable. You’re in the midst of packing and you think you’re all ready, set to start boxing up all your junk when you realize… you forgot something really important. Maybe it’s tape. Perhaps markers. In my case, I often severely underestimate how many boxes I need. Friends, don’t let this happen to you. Here’s an easy-peasy packing supplies checklist to ensure that, unlike me, your packing isn’t plagued by countless trips to the store for forgotten necessities.

Note: I’ve linked to great resources for the big things you’ll need. Simply click and shop!  

Packing Supplies Checklist

___ Packing Tape (no, regular ole’ gift-wrapping tape won’t do…I know from experience.)

___ Boxes (lots; in various shapes & sizes. It’s also great to have a mix of plastic and cardboard.)

___ Bubble Wrap/Packing Cushions (in a pinch, linens and/or newspaper works great!)

___ Markers/Labels (trust me, it’s always a good idea to list what’s in the box or what room it’s designated for.)

___ Measuring Tape (measuring your furniture before you move will help you determine where/if the items will fit in your new place.)

___ Box Cutter (great for unpacking on the other side!)

___ Mattress Cover (better safe than sorry when it comes to potential rips or holes in your mattress).

___ Your Packing List (it’s great to keep your list of things to pack handy while boxes up — it helps reduce you missing/forget about anything during the big move!)

___ Tools (for furniture disassembly/assembly!)

___ Plastic Baggies (perfect for keeping nuts, bolts, and little pieces from your disassembled furniture all in one place!)

___ Garbage Bags (you’ll be amazed how much trash shows up as you pack… seriously, no joke.)

___ Rope/Bungee Cords (this really comes in handy when you’re moving a large piece, weather you’re securing to a hand trucks or securing it on the moving truck.)

___ Hand Truck (unless you have a team of movers helping you out, this will come in handy… pun intended.)

___Broom/Cleaning Supplies (I’ve discovered so many disgusting dust/hair clusters under my furniture when I move… don’t judge me.)

Bonus tip: Number all your moving boxes consecutively 1 to x, and take a cell phone photo of the contents of each box before you close it. Then name the photos box 1, box 2, etc., so you have an easy reference to everything as you unpack.

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  2. Avatar Brittany Monroe

    Always having a checklist is important for a clean move. A lot of people don’t do moving lists like this. It’s always good to have a nice checklist.

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    Important work is packing and all things are how packed is stressful work. Use the boxes for packing is easy to move. You share the info about easy packing way is really awesome. I am happy with your blog. Great ideas you share. Thanks!

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    Amazing list and a great reminder! I’m definitely using this as a guide for my upcoming move! Sharing on fb right away <3!