Are You the BAD Neighbor? Take Our Quiz

bad neighborApartments mean close quarters, both inside of them and between neighbors. And nothing can ruin your first apartment experience than a neighbor that is rude or disrespectful!

…Here’s the catch though, what if you’re the bad neighbor?! Take this quiz below, making a tally of your “yes” answers.

Do you…

  • Host late parties often?
  • Play loud music at late hours?
  • Vacuum after 9pm?
  • Leave your dog’s business in the grass?
  • Let your dog bark?
  • Ignore garbage collection and recycling rules?
  • Snoop at your neighbor’s packages and mail?
  • Have guests at odd hours?
  • Complain about your neighbors within earshot?
  • Leave litter outside your apartment?
  • “Borrow” neighbor’s Wifi?
  • Park in spaces reserved for others?
  • Not maintain your outdoor space?
  • Ignore neighbors when you see them?
  • Exercise (jumping, in particular) in the apartment?

Time to add ’em up!

0-3 Yes’s: Decent Neighbor! Sure, you’re not the worst neighbor of all time. In fact, you’re alright! But, that does mean there’s progress to be made. Look at those things you marked “yes” to.¬†They’re easy to fix. Try to think about others next time and keep on being considerate.

Over 3 Yes’s: Uh-Oh! Looks like you need a little guidance. Check out these tips below, but really, it comes down to respecting the people around you. Some neighbors may have small children that go to bed early, or take their residence very seriously. Avoid complaints by doing the following:

  • Set ground rules for parties. Keep the music quiet, or let your neighbors know “It may be a bit loud tonight, but we’ll be done by 11:00. Please just knock and let us know if you have any problems.” Easy.
  • Take care of your space. Clean up after yourself (and your pets), and take pride in your outdoor space and whatever can be seen from the street. This one is self-respect as well as respect for others around you.
  • Mind your own business. Be friendly, but lay low when it comes to personal information about your neighbors. Avoid sending in complaints (unless it’s something crazy) and leave others’ belongings (yes, that includes WiFi) alone.

What’s the worst neighbor you’ve ever had? The best?

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