The Ultimate Apartment Hunting Checklist

I knew that I’d be on the apartment hunt again one of these days, but what I didn’t realize is that I’d be doing it so soon — and in another state. Having learned the hard way what I do and do not want in a new place from past experiences, I now create a comprehensive checklist for myself when I view any places that might be my next apartment. After all, I’m going to be living in this place for at least a year, so I need to get it right the first time.

I know the same goes for you and your first apartment hunt. To help you out on your search for place you’ll call home, I’ve created an oh-so-handy checklist below. Use it when you tour, and I can guarantee it’ll help you keep track of all your options and make the crazy apartment hunting process a whole lot easier.  Because MFA’s readers live in all types of communities and buildings, the list probably has many items that don’t apply to your specific situation, but I wanted to be as comprehensive as possible.  You can download the two-page list as PDF and print it out to jot down your input as your tour each place. Don’t forget to bring a tape measure. And good luck!


apartment hunting checklist

Hunter's List pg 2



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  1. Avatar Country Village Apartments

    Hunting for apartments is a great way to put it. It really is a hunt. Get prepared to see many apartments and possibly not be satisfied really even on the first day, maybe even not until the second. Take your time, imagine yourself living there, take all these things into consideration. I really love this sheet and might print it out for our apartment complex in Texas if that is alright. Tenants would love it!