Apartment Decor Spotlight: Budget-Friendly Room Dividers

Whether you’re living in an open-floor studio or just want to add a little more privacy to your standard apartment, room dividers are one of the most fabulous (and cost-effective) ways to break up and give your space a cozy feel. So, today, after a request from one of our awesome My First Apartment readers, we’re taking a look at some of the most fun, cute, and efficient ways to add some room dividers to your apartment, regardless of your style or budget. Alright, let’s dive right in…

Method 1: Bookshelves/Bookcases 

Bookcases and dressers are a great way to break up your space and add some additional storage space to your apartment. For the most inexpensive options, we recommend checking out IKEA’s selection.

Room Dividers

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Method 2: Curtains or Garlands

To give your bedroom a nice, cozy and private feel, use curtains to separate your bedroom space from the rest of your apartment. To cut costs, opt for inexpensive, washable curtains and use a heavy-duty string , wire or cable rather than purchasing an expensive curtain rod.


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Method 3: Temporary Walls

Temporary walls are another great option for divvying up your apartment. They’re fairly affordable (there’s tons of great options just a quick Google search away!), easy to transport, and they make fabulous makeshift walls in any apartment!


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Method 4: Foldable Panels

The most popular room dividers are foldable panels, and it’s easy to see why — they’re stylish, they’re great for diving up your space, and they’re easy to transport and move around your apartment! You can affordable room dividers like these practically everywhere. To score the best deal, we recommend big box stores like Walmart or Target or scouting out affordable second-hand options at thrift stores or Craigslist.


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Method 5: Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a more expensive option if you opt to go professional rather than DIYing, but they’re great if you sharing your apartment with roommates or often have overnight visitors and want a private bedroom. Here‘s a excellent DIY from our friends at Apartment Therapy (and this one costs just $40 to make!). Or, for a more professional option (great if you plan on staying in your apartment for a lengthy amount of time), check out The Sliding Door Company to design doors that fit your space.

Helpful hint: Be sure to check in with your landlord before choosing this option to get the go-ahead to make changes to the apartment. The doors could leave more permanent damage to the walls and structure. 


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These are just a few of the most popular ideas to divide up your apartment, but there are tons of ways to get creative in breaking up your apartment — browse the web and pull from your creative imagination and the sky’s the limit! Share your ideas and favorite room divider options with us below.

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