Solo or Roommates? Take This Quiz to Find Out Which One Is for You

confusedIf you’re on the hunt for your first place on your own, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed with options. There are tons of places to live, different roommate options, and types of places to choose from. Take the quiz below to narrow down part of that decision…solo or roommates!

1. Roommates are…

a.  OK, but would like to try living on my own for a change.
b.  Good. I like having one or two roommates, especially when it comes to splitting the bills.
c.  The best! I will definitely have roommates when I move.

2. When it comes to space, I’d like to have…

a. Just enough space. I definitely don’t want to be cramped, but am willing to cut down on what I have to make it work. Plus, I don’t have tons of junk to begin with.
b. A sufficient amount of space. While I don’t want to be stuck cleaning rooms I don’t use, I would love to have spacious rooms and a little extra space to live in.
c. Extra space for my personal belongings, as well as enough storage space. I wouldn’t mind having an office room to do work in, either.

3. The outdoors are..

a. Fine! I enjoy spending time outside. But, I don’t want to spend my weekends keeping up with a yard or planning any sort of landscaping.
b. Good! While I love the idea of a porch or small yard, I don’t want to be stuck with lots to maintain.
c. Great! I love to spend time outside and really enjoy landscaping and mowing grass. It’s a fun way to get exercise and be outdoors.

4. When I think of my budget, I feel…

a. Great. I’m very comfortable with my budget and am able to spend a little more if I find a great place.
b. Good. I have enough to live and have fun, but would like to be able to save money for myself where I can.
c. OK. I am confident in my budget, but am more than willing to share the bills with other people if it means cutting down my costs.

5. Doing chores around the house is…

a. Fun! I’m ready to really work on my living space and am happy to spend some extra time and money to fix things when I need to.
b. Not my thing–if someone else will do it, I’m happy to let them.
c. Alright, but I’d prefer not to have to coordinate with an exterminator, change lightbulbs, or fix my own sink.

6. Privacy from neighbors is…

a. Important. I’d like to keep to my own space as much as possible.
b. Important, but not my top priority. As long as I find a safe place, I’m not too worried.
c. Very important. I’m not interested in having to worry about complaints from neighbors.

Add up your answers for the results:

Mostly A’s: Solo Apartment

You’re ready to strike out on your own…literally. You seem like the kind of person who appreciates their own space, and just enough of it. Look for apartments with amenities you enjoy, a great location for you and have a blast in your apartment!

Mostly B’s: Apartment with Couple of Roommates

Your desire for a bit more space (but not too much!) means you’re looking for a roommate share! There are trickier to find for rent, but are definitely out there. They offer a bit more space without breaking the bank.

Mostly C’s: House with Many Roommates

Your love for roommates (and having extra space) makes you a great fit for a House Rental! Houses offer more space, usually some sort of yard or deck, and a more spacious way of life. Having roommates also helps with the greater costs up front–many house rentals require a large deposit or application fee.

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Comments (5)

  1. Avatar Samar Misra

    What is a good option for young adults with college degrees and experience who unfortunately are in a job that pays peanuts and do not want to worry about living with an unknown roommate that can be the worst nightmare (as happens no matter what is done) and who can still save money by staying in a building with a room to himself and others having their own rooms yet with a communal kitchen and even bathroom to save on costs?

    Is there anything like this for working adults besides college or grad students?

  2. Avatar The Californian Apartments

    One thing we see a lot at our apartment complex is the tenants who move in with the “best friend” or the “friend for Life” and quickly find out that a living environment is much different than school or leisure time. Then when you throw responsibility into the mix it becomes quickly messy between two people who once thought they were best friends.

    • Avatar Rebecca

      So true! I roomed with a best friend in college and we pretty much stopped talking after that! It wasn’t a great idea.

  3. Avatar branden Schirpke

    i plan on renting a house with 3 roomates, good thing we all like gaming!