Review and GIVEAWAY: 8-Piece Comforter Set From Maple Harbour!

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This giveaway is closed. The randomly selected winner was Nicole Dziedzic, who loves her bedroom leather recliner. Congratulations to Nicole and thanks to all of our Maple Harbour 8-piece comforter set giveaway participants.

Are you still sleeping on sheets decorated with Disney characters? Or on threadbare extra-long sheets from your college dorm? It’s time to upgrade to a more adult look for your bed and the easiest way to do that is a brand-new comforter set, like the ones offered by our friends at Maple Harbour. They are sponsoring a GIVEAWAY of one 8-piece comforter set, a $259 value,  that is guaranteed to give an instant upgrade to your bedroom! See below for GIVEAWAY details and how to participate.


So, what makes me the MFA’s resident decor-diva and bedding reviewer? I’m in my mid-20s, I’ve only been out of college for about 3 years now, I’m a Georgia native and dweller, and I’ve moved way too many times after getting my bachelor’s degree. And by “way too many times,” I literally mean way too many times. At each new apartment (or house owned by a too-kind relative or former professor), creating a stylish, inviting environment has always been important to me. When I get settled into a new place, I want to fill it with things that make me happy and make me feel at home when I walk through the door.

But, because of post-grad budget limitations and a hefty pile of student loans knocking at my door, I’ve had to tackle one room at a time. So far, the kitchen, living room, office, and bathroom aren’t looking too shabby — in fact, I’d dare say they even look like they belong to an adult — but, this isn’t the case with the bedroom. Right now, I have my bed frame in storage because it won’t fit in my current room, I’ve got two matching night stands and lamps (win!), sheets passed down from family members, and a coverless white duvet I call “the cloud.”

Audra's Room Before

Audra’s Room Before

Needless to say — the room needed a facelift. Well, I’m happy to report that our friends at Maple Harbour have saved the day. They sent me the Madiera 8-Piece Comforter Set  to review, and promised another one as a GIVEAWAY to one lucky MFA reader. Frankly, I didn’t have any expectation that the comforter set would actually be the one thing I needed to really tie my entire room together. So,  I did a small (and very shocked) happy dance when I unpacked the set and tried it out on my bed — it looked fabulous!

My set, like most others on their site, was a complete bed set. Not only did it come with a nice, quality comforter or two pillow shams, it also included two euro shams (which are made for big square pillows), a bed skirt, and two throw pillows. Each piece is made out of nice, non-scratchy, 100% polyester material and seems really well constructed. The comforter itself is also perfect for sleeping with year-round. It’s lightweight —  which means that all you need to do is pair it with a set of cool sheets in the summer and you’re set. But, it’s also a pretty good thickness for keeping your bed warm when you’re trying to snuggle up in at night in the winter. Personally, I’m always cold during the winter — must be my Southern blood — so I would recommend adding a light blanket underneath because I was a bit chilly sleeping with just sheets and the comforter alone.

There are some downsides to the comforter though, which would give me pause if I were a first time renter looking for a comforter set that would last me through the years. For starters, the polyester material is great for making sure that the comforter is great for sleeping regardless of the weather, but this material also makes this set dry-clean only. This can be costly and a real hassle — I’d much prefer a set that’s machine washable. Additionally, although the print of the fabric is perfect for my room, I would personally recommend going with a set that’s neutral like this one (this one is a light-medium grey with white designs), but that doesn’t have a print, such as a basic white or black comforter. Your tastes will change over time, so it’s always nice to have a set that is flexible when you want to decorate with a new color, change your style, etc. I also feel that this print, and many of the prints that they have on their site, limits what you can do in terms of matching your sheets. The set I have here only pairs well with white sheets, grey sheets, and perhaps a light blue set of the right shade. This is very limiting and makes it difficult when you’re buying sheets on a budget — the ability to work with what you’ve got or purchase whatever color is on sale is always great when you’re a newbie renter.

Pillow Shames & Throw Pillows

Pillow Shams & Throw Pillows

But, that said, there was also another detail that I really loved. When my comforter set arrived in the mail, I discovered that Maple Harbour donates part of the proceeds of every purchase to non-profit and adoption centers for pets in need. I don’t know about you, but knowing that on top of all the other positives (the great quality, the luxurious look, and the fact that you can actually use the comforter to sleep and not just to decorate your bed) really made me excited to own my Maple Harbour comforter set at the end of the day.


You can win your very own Madiera Comforter Set from Maple Harbour! The 8-piece set includes 1 comforter, 1 bedskirt, 2 pillow shams, two euro shams, one throw pillow and one boudoir pillow.  To enter, just tell us in the comments below what is the one item that makes your bedroom cozy.

GIVEAWAY deadline is April 17, and the randomly selected winner will be notified on April 18.  This GIVEAWAY is open to all our continental US readers and our Canadian readers.

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Comments (57)

  1. Avatar Ryan Maltese

    My room feels cozy once a month when I wash and clean everything. Feels like walking into a brand new room.

  2. Avatar Taylor Stephens

    My room feels most cozy when I have all the light off, and i turn on the purple (my favorite color) Christmas lights over my bed, and it makes me fall right to sleep. And of corse it has a hour timer so turns off automatically no fire hazers here.

  3. Avatar Em

    My room feels cozy when I have a nice scented candle and a fluffy blanket wrapped around me.

  4. Avatar Robyn

    My eucalyptus spearmint pillow mist is what makes my bedroom cozy. I spritz it on before I go to bed and it helps me unwind and relax at the end of a long day.

  5. Avatar Ashlyn

    My room feels the most cozy when i have a candle lit. its nice to sit in a room that smells really good!

  6. Avatar Kelsey

    My room feels most cozy when I have a really nice candle lit. The lighting plus the warm smell (I like spicy/fall scents best) just makes everything snuggly and peaceful.

  7. Avatar ryann

    Lighting is everything. I love using candles, my oil diffuser and lamps to set the mood of my room to be an oasis from the outside world. After a long day of giving to others I give back to myself soothing light setting the tone for a relaxing getaway. Get a good book and some coffee and we are set.

  8. Avatar Danielle Scott

    Cozy furniture is the must have item. There’s often a bit of a gap between furniture that is lovely to look upon, and furniture that is lovely to sit upon. Ideally, the perfect sofa would strike a balance between the two. But if you’re truly dedicated to coziness, before purchasing anything designed for sitting, you must consider its curl-uppability. “Can I see myself curled up on this sofa of a Sunday afternoon, feet sunk deep in the cushions, reading a book and drinking tea?” If the answer is no – keep looking.

    Stay cozy friends!

  9. Avatar Lisa

    The thing that makes my bedroom cozy is my big fluffy body pillow. My mom bought it for me, and whenever I get homesick I just hug it and think of her.

  10. Avatar Anna Pry

    my mattress is the coziest thing in my room, i have a memory foam mattress and its soooo comfy

  11. Avatar Megan Skiba

    A picture of the Eiffel Tower makes my bedroom cozy. The black and white photo is really pretty, and it inspires me to think about how to achieve travel goals in the future. I’ll definitely be taking it to my first apartment!

  12. Avatar Christina Russon

    What makes my room cozy is my favorite faux fur blanket from Restoration Hardware! Moving into my first apartment in June and it will be the first thing I pack!

  13. Avatar Alexandria Victoria Makayla Crowson

    My white decorative lights hung up around my room make it cozy, especially when it’s dim and only those lights are on. However, it is not a good light to study in because it’s so comfy I tend to fall asleep.

  14. Avatar Dandi D

    Our amazing new pillow top mattress is what makes our bedroom cozy right now.

  15. Avatar Allison Hofland

    What makes the my bedroom cozy is my body pillow. Not only do I sleep with it every night, but it’s great for friends and movie nights!

  16. Avatar Cassie Beteta

    What makes my bedroom so cozy is an old chalk board sign I’ve had since college that reads “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS”. It’s not about the stuff the makes your bedroom cozy necessarily its what that stuff means to you

  17. Avatar Samantha Raines

    What makes my bedroom cozy are my blankets and my little sheep stuffed animal. I love the feeling and smell of a fresh clean comforter all tucked up under my chin.

  18. Avatar Liz

    What makes my bedroom so cozy is the antique rug that the bed sits on. It’s incredibly soft, plus it’s a family heirloom with a a ton of history and good vibes attached to it.

  19. Avatar Katie Carroll

    My current comforter is and has been THE most cozy item in my bedroom for eight years! As I’m moving into my first apartment next month, I can’t wait to find another quality (and cozy, of course) comforter that will last me a while!

  20. Avatar Erich

    The really soft throw blanket I got for Christmas a few years ago makes my bedroom cozy!

  21. Avatar Kara

    My stained glass bedside lamp is probably the single item that makes my bedroom cozy. Never underestimate the importance of nice lighting! Thank you for the chance.

  22. Avatar Cindy A.

    The antique quilts that have been handed down from generation to generation. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  23. Avatar Jennifer H.

    The one thing that makes my bedroom cozy is really nice sheets. It makes all the difference.

  24. Avatar Robyn Dick

    The one thing that makes my room cozy is knowing that my boyfriend is out of the Navy and he will be home every night out of harms way.

  25. Avatar Natalie

    The one thing that makes my bed a giant picture of my dog hanging on my wall.

  26. Avatar Courtney

    My crocheted dragon, Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon. I made him myself :)

  27. Avatar Justin Smith

    The one thing that makes my bedroom cozy is the photo of my long distance boyfriend and I on vacation. When I’ve had a hard day and need to relax, that photos only brings good memories and thoughts.

  28. Avatar Julie Wood

    One thing that makes my bedroom cozy is my big soft fluffy blanket that I have used for years. It was a gift from my husband and I cherish it!

  29. Avatar Nicole Dziedzic

    The one item that makes my bedroom so cozy is my leather recliner. Love it!

  30. Avatar Rosa

    What makes my bedroom cozy is the paint job. We used warm rich dark colors and highlight it with bright colors in the linens. It feels so snug and inviting!

  31. Avatar Rosemarie O

    One item that creates a super cozy atmosphere in my bedroom are my candels! The soft lighting and delicious scents really make my bedroom feel like the relaxing space it should be.

  32. Avatar Ashley A

    What makes my bedroom cozy: My orange, black and white tapestry of a map of the world that covers a wall in my bedroom!

  33. Avatar Payton E

    The one thing that makes my bedroom cozy is the natural lighting let in from the windows. It’s so relaxing!

  34. Avatar Alexandra N

    What makes my room cozy is my full length body pillow, I use it behind my back when I’m up working or when I want to snuggle and my BF’s not around. lol.

  35. Avatar Lindsay M

    What makes my bedroom cozy is my wax warmer because I enjoy the aromatherapy that comes from it.