How to Plan a Successful Visit from Your Parents

After the initial move, your parents may start dropping not-so-subtle hints that you should have them over, be it for dinner or, if you’ve moved farther away, for a weekend visit. This post addresses the second, although you can get dinner advice here.

Screen-Shot-2012-07-06-at-10.57.44-AM-630x417My parents are my favorite people in the world. I absolutely adore them. But when we started making plans to visit, I got a little nervous. What will we do? What will they think? What will it be like?! I’m used to living my “own” life in my apartment. But, I was excited to share that life with them. Check out these pointers for planning a visit from the ‘rents.

Be honest. If your apartment is big enough, try to accommodate your parents! But, if it’s crammed, someone will sleep on the floor for the week, or you have no sofa to crash on, perhaps ask them to stay nearby and have them hang out in your apartment. The point here is to be honest with yourself and your apartment’s capabilities. Not having enough space can make for a frustrating visit for everyone.

Talk to your roommates. As always, alert your roommates about any visitors you plan to have staying with you. If you’re besties with your roommates, invite them out with your parents, or plan some time for them to get to know each other or catch up. If not, make sure they’re cool with having your parents stay for however long you’ve planned.

Clear your schedule. Use this weekend as a vacation from other commitments, work out of the office, and parties with friends (unless your parents would be interested). If your parents make the trip to visit you, be respectful and make them your top priority for the weekend.

Make plans. Or, make plans to not make plans. Either way, figure out what you’d like to show your parents while they’re visiting. Your favorite restaurant down the street? The park where you take short runs and long walks? The farmers’ market on Sunday morning? Having a few planned activities can eliminate stress when they arrive.

Clean up. This is your space! Be proud of it! Clean up for your parents. It’ll make them proud to see you so successful, plus your apartment’s probably due for a cleaning anyway, right? Put your best foot forward, especially for your parents.

Have fun!! Use this time to enjoy your parents. Your relationship with them has probably changed since you lived with them. Test it out and see what’s different (and the same). Have fun as adults, be honest with them about your life, and hear what they have to say.

A visit from your parents doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Do what you can to plan ahead (to stay busy), and have an idea of what you’d like the days to look like while they’re there. Then, relax and have fun! (For another take on hosting visiting parents, check out what my fellow blogger Kate had to say.)

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