A 5-Minute Apartment Safety & Security Check-up


Apartment Safety

Apartment living is great… the amenities and social opportunities can make you feel like the whole property is your big, giant home! However, you never know when a security breach or natural calamity may happen, so to rest peacefully, take a few minutes now to make sure your personal space is safe and secure.

Verify location of all keys
Your landlord should keep a tight hold over all key copies and should have replaced the locks when you moved in, but you need to also keep track of all the copies you may have made of your keys. In case of an emergency, you may have given a set of keys to a trusted neighbor or nearby friends. Think, are they still worthy of your trust? If you decided not to give key copies away, but have hidden a set in an inconspicuous place outside your apartment, check that they keys are still there, undisturbed. And, what about the keys you gave to your ex? Did you get them back or should you ask now?

Check all doors and locks
Confirm that all your locks and peepholes are in working order. Make sure your sliding glass doors have a rod in the track (so that they cannot be opened) and pins in the overhead frame (so that they cannot be lifted out). If your peephole has been painted over, that should be fixed.

Check window locks and gates
All ground floor unit windows that open should have working locks and security gates. In case of fire, all windows should be easy-open from the inside. Make sure that the window locks work and, most importantly, verify the location of the key.

Kid safety
If kids are around, check safety gates on stairs and doorways and bumpers on all corners within their reach. Make sure that all cleaning supplies are out of reach or in a cabinet that can only be opened by an adult. Verify that the safety latch is still working.

Fire and disaster
The first line of defense against unfortunate disasters, is to arm yourself with renter’s insurance. Check that your policy has not expired and that it still suits your specific needs.

To prevent electrical fires, never use higher than recommended wattage light bulbs in a lamp or appliance – only use the suggested wattage or less.  Check all lamps and also look for unsafe and frayed cords that need to be replaced.

Make sure all of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working and replace their batteries, if needed.

Outside safety 
Is the pathway to your door is clearly lit at night? If the doorway is dark, invest in an easy to install solar-powered, motion-activated outdoor light, so you never have to fumble with your keys in the dark.

Your best outdoor safety tip is be friendly with neighbors – especially when you live in an apartment community. Get to know them … that way you know that someone will keep an eye on your place, even when you are not at home.

Alright, that is it for now – you should be set for the summer season!

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