8 Things to Do When Moving to a New State — An Easy Checklist!

Moving to a New StateIf you’re moving out of state, there’s A LOT to plan for. Trust me, I know — I’m in the process of packing up my life in Georgia and getting ready for my big move to Virginia in just a few months. Moving at all, even when it’s just down the street can be a pain, but the struggle gets real when you start crossing state lines. There’s just so much more to do than pack up your stuff, move it, and unpack because things like changing your driver’s license, updating your voter registration card, getting a new car tag, and all sorts of other stuff comes into play when you begin calling a new state home. So, if you’re heading out of state on your next big apartment move, be sure to keep this “moving to a new state” checklist close by and mark off items as you complete them.

_____ Change Your Address (You can do it online right here)

_____ Update Your Credit Cards, Bills, & Online Shipping Addresses with New Address

_____ Get Your New, In-State Driver’s License/Registration or ID (if you don’t have a car)

_____ Get New, In-State License Plates

_____ Register to Vote (after you get a new in-state Driver’s License, you’ll need it to register

_____ Call Your Health & Car Insurance Companies (coverage might not cross state lines)

_____ Check Your New State’s DMV Guidelines (some states require additional changes) 

_____ Change Cell Phone  (if your carrier doesn’t support your new area)


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  1. Avatar Miranda

    Very short, but useful checklist! I think these are the essentials, I am moving soon and perhaps I will choose this one over the others, as they are too long for my lifestyle – I am single, so I don’t think for spouse, kids, etc. Thanks a lot!

  2. Avatar Country Village Apartments

    Very Helpful tips, one thing I may add is the first two Tips both apply to moving even if it is NOT out of State. Thanks! Great post as always.