My Second Apartment Will Have These 5 Things

As a first-time apartment-mover, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. What I mean by that is that I didn’t know what I wouldn’t mind sacrificing to save some money. In a few months, I’ll be graduating and hopefully have a more steady source of income. So, for my next apartment, I can be more selective.

The point of this post, though, is to give you real advice on what you may really miss having when you sacrifice certain things for a great price or a great location. Just my two cents, but hopefully it will get you thinking and help you avoid some of the headache I’ve endured.

1. Washer & Dryer

Washing-clothesA little diva, I know. But having to lug laundry to the laundromat (even one inside the apartment complex) is a hassle. And I think it’s gross. And, it means that I do laundry as infrequently as possible, which makes it difficult to keep my apartment clutter-free. Plus, I spend at least $5 every time and the units don’t always work the first time.

2. Storage space

Apparently, most people have a lot more stuff than they think. Myself (and probably yourself) included. My tiny closets are jam-packed with stuff (even though I reorganize/get rid of things often!). Again, this makes cleanliness a problem. More storage space is critical.

3. Location close to work

Or wherever you frequent the most. It’s important to be nearby to save money on travel expenses. Looking far from work to try to save money sometimes makes sense…but you should calculate travel (gas, car upkeep, subway passes etc.) to see if you really end up saving much money.

4. Outdoor space

We have a tiny porch now, but having an actual outdoor space would be fantastic. Even choosing a complex that has sidewalks or a little park would make a difference to help get more active and spend more time outside.

5. Less carpet

Carpet is impossible to clean. Especially when you have a dog. And when the complex charges a huge cleaning fee at the end of your lease. That is all I will say about that.

Based on my experience, I suggest you look for places with these 5 things for your first apartment. Some things you’ll learn that you can live without, but others you’ll find yourself regretting. Your first apartment is time for adventure and trying new things. But…my second apartment will be more tailored to my tastes and needs.

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  1. Avatar Margaret

    A washer and a dryer are definitely very important! When I was a student I used to live in an apartment without a washer and it was horrible! Thanks for the post!

  2. Avatar Paloma

    This is so true! I used to live in a place without these things and I will never do this again! Thumbs up for the post! Greets, Man With Van Camden Ltd.