My IKEA Hack: Making a Budget Bookshelf Headboard 1-2-3

Bookshelf headboardLooking for a way to make your wall space and bedroom a little more interesting? Make a bookshelf headboard! You can find pre-made bookshelf headboards at just about any furniture store, but they can get pretty pricey pretty quick. However, with a couple of hours and some inexpensive furniture from IKEA, you can create your own on a budget.

1. I used the Gersby bookshelf from IKEA. It is $25 for one shelf, and I used three shelves to create my headboard, for a total cost of $75.

2. Construct the shelves and set them up on the wall behind your bed. I probably spent about two hours constructing all three shelves in my apartment. IKEA includes all the materials and instructions you need, except for a hammer.

3. Decorate! I used the different shelves to organize my different types of books.

  • My coffee table books went on one shelf (since I don’t currently have the space for a coffee table in my little studio apartment).
  • I dedicated a shelf to my books about writing and graphic design.
  • I used one shelf to display some of my music materials, including some of my mandolin books, by blank music writing notebook, and a photo of me playing guitar with my dad.
  • One shelf houses my journals from previous travels.
  • I stored my travel and adventure-related books on another shelf.
  • The shelf closest to where I sleep is where I keep the books/magazines that I am currently reading.
  • I also use the very top of the bookshelf for holding a few things, including some artwork.

Bookshelf Photo 9 Additional decor ideas include purchasing an inexpensive frame (these can be found at IKEA, Target, or a local thrift store for a few dollars or less) and framing a favorite poem, quote, or photo. I also purchased a few decorative baskets from Michael’s craft store, and use them to hold brochures and maps for local areas and attractions.

I love this new addition to my apartment…and I especially love the price tag!

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