Top 10 Best Blogs for DIY Apartment Decor Ideas

Colorful shelves of different colors with utensils on wall backgroundWhether you’re an avid My First Apartment follower or an apartment dweller who pops in every now and then for advice, you probably know by now that I’m the self-professed “decor queen” around here. I’m crazy for color. I lose my mind over awesome vintage finds (my latest score: an adorable turquoise cart for $20!). And, of course, I’m down-right gaga for a really good DIY projects. In the past, I’ve shared my favorite places to shop for colorful decor finds and my tried-and-true tips for thrifty shopping. Today, I’m focusing on the best blogs to consult when you’re on the hunt for DIY decor inspiration. I can go on and on about why apartment decor you’ve made yourself is such a great way to add a personal flair to your apartment when you’re on a tight budget. But, I’ll cut right to the chase – here’s the blogs that are at the top of my go-to list when I’m ready to whip out my glue gun!

Thrifty Decor Chick — I swear this blog has an endless stockpile of amazing ways to upcycle and recycle what you might consider old junk. Her latest project that made my jaw drop: Picture frames made out of old lattice. Yes, seriously! Before you drop off your old junk at Goodwill, make sure to check out this blog first. You never know what she might use next!

The Painted Hive — The mom and decor-lover behind this blog is a mastermind when it comes to decorating on a budget. From tips about how to turn your photographs into incredible wall art that looks like it was painted to easy and fun step-by-step tutorials, I guarantee you can spend hours on here “oohing” and “ahhing.” Or, maybe it’s just me — but I doubt it.

DIY Show Off — This blog reminds me of Pinterest in that it’s a place where DIY’ers come together to share their projects and compile their favorite ideas in one place. For me, it’s a little slice of heaven because I don’t have to spent hours browsing through tons of sites just to find one project worth trying out. If you’re new on the DIY scene, this blog is a fabulous place to start!

IKEA Hackers — If you’re a first time renter, there’s a 99.9% chance that you own at least one piece of furniture from IKEA. Actually, your whole apartment is probably filled with their economical designs. Although IKEA is super budget-friendly and although they sometimes really hit the mark in terms of style, most of their products are pretty bland and boring. To remedy this problem, IKEA Hackers was born. The site if full of ideas about how to jazz up your IKEA purchases in unique, affordable, and stylish ways!

The DIY Playbook — Cute holiday ideas? Check! Quick DIYs for busy renters? Check! Page after page of decorating tips and hand-made designs? Double check! I think you get the point… this style blog is definitely a one-stop-shop for all your DIY decorating needs. Period.

Centsational Girl — This California girl is a pro when it comes to turning ugly old thrift store and yard sale finds into chic additions to your apartment. Case in point: Her jaw-dropping $10 cabinet makeover. But, this miraculous makeover wasn’t a one-hit-wonder — she’s always posting super fabulous (and affordable) projects that perfect for first time renters. So, be sure to add this one to your weekly “must-read” blog list.

Vintage Revivals — Whether you’re looking for a small accent to spruce up your space or a design that’ll keep you busy for months, Vintage Revivals is, in my humble opinion, the best blog on the web for DIY projects that have a vintage, old school flair. To say I’m obsessed with this blog would be the understate of the year (and 2015 really just began!).

Dream Green DIY — If you’re the kind of person that could literally spend all day browsing the aisles of Target, then this is the DIY decor blog for you. The projects are fun, colorful, and are just right for adding small pops of pretty throughout your apartment. And the best part? You don’t even have to be talented in the crafts department to pull off any one of their projects.

A Beautiful Mess — This blog overflowing with all things crafty — from homemade outfits to hand-made jewelry to great lunch ideas — but I have to say that their home decor section is totally my favorite. There’s something for every style and every budget, so it’s an all-around great blog for every DIY’er to love!

Thrifty & Chic — Of all the blogs listed here, I would have to say that this one is probably most suited for someone who owns their own home. A lot of the designs and projects are targeted toward remodeling and spending a little bit more on fancy details. But, that said, there’s also plenty of cool DIYs that are simple and inexpensive that work wonderfully for small apartment spaces. Hence why I didn’t even hesitate to add them to my list of top favorite do-it-yourself apartment decor blogs.


Happy DIY-ing and decorating!







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  1. Avatar Aerin

    This is a great blog to get some ideas. These ideas are very important to make a very good decoration. For a small family, owning a home is everyone’s dream. Making decorations that match the environment of our home is a must so that the house looks more comfortable.

  2. Avatar sabeegahalamin

    “Top 10 Best Blogs For DIY Apartment Decor Ideas” is wonderful article. Thanks for sharing with us which carrying lots of information. Most of people making mistake while they decorating their apartment. I really loved it.. Keep posting… Once again thank you so much for this blog…..

  3. Avatar Sandra Thomas

    we know many ideas for decor DIY apartment.there are followings:

    1. Put IKEA’s RÅSKOG cart to work for you as a bedside table, for shoe storage, or as a catchall for books or art supplies.
    2.Hang a tapestry or colorful rug behind your bed, like Chris and Jenny did in
    3.Buy or DIY a hanging planter. Plants add color to your room AND clean the air.
    4. Put a few pairs of your favorite shoes on display.

  4. Avatar Amalie Lopez (Amy)

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