Away for the Holidays? Here’s How to Keep Your Apartment Safe!

Packing List For Vacation Or TripPacking up and leaving your apartment behind while you enjoy a little holiday comfort at home with your family? Awesome! But, before you get in too much of a hurry to rush out of your new place and head home for the holidays, make sure you check all these important steps for preparing your apartment for your time away off your to-do list.

Trust us, it can save you from worrying and will help keep your home-away-from-home safe and sound while you bask in some holiday spirit!

Leave the Heat On: It sounds counter- intuitive to heat an empty apartment, especially when utilities are so costly, but definitely take our word when we say your should leave your heat on, but turn it way down, while your away at home for the holidays. A frozen apartment spells disaster during the winter months because it leads to busted pipes and water damage to your apartment and belongings!

Open Your Cabinet Doors: Help your pipes stay warm by opening the cabinet doors where you have sinks or pipes — especially where they are backing an outside wall. It really does wonders to help prevent freezing.

Take Our Your Trash & Perishable Food: Unless you want to come back to a rodent and bug infested apartment, make sure to take out all of your trash and discard any perishable foods before you scoot out of town.

Leave A Light On: Once again, we know this sounds like a waste of perfectly good electricity and money, but there’s a very good reason you should leave at least one light on while your out of town: it helps prevent robberies by making it appear at least somebody is at home.

Lock Up: It’s a no brainer that you should lock your door when your leave you apartment, but don’t forget to lock your windows, too!

Have A Friend Check-In or Inform Neighbors That You Trust That You’ll Be Away: If you have a friend in the area, have him/her check in on your apartment while you’re away (someone local having a key is great too in case of emergency). If you are new to the city or don’t have any friends staying local for the holidays, inform a neighbor that you can trust that you’ll be away. Seriously, make sure this neighbor is someone reliable — telling the wrong neighbor could be just as detrimental as leaving your doors unlocked.

Have The Post Office Hold Your Mail: If you’re going to be away for more than a week, submit a “hold mail” request to your local post office. This will help make it less apparent that you’re out of town to would-be robbers, and it’ll keep your mailbox from overflowing, too.

Close The Blinds: You don’t want anybody peeking in and seeing what all you’ve got up for grabs, so close all your blinds before heading out of town.

Leave Your Whereabouts Off Social Media: Just because someone is your Facebook friend or is your follower on Twitter/Instagram doesn’t mean that they’re a good, trustworthy person. So, while you’re away from home, keep your whereabouts off social media. You don’t want random s0-and-so from your favorite noodle shop knowing your apartment is vacant and vulnerable!

Secure Your Car: Finally, if you have a car and you aren’t taking it home to your parents for the holidays, be sure to make sure it’s secure while you’re gone. If you live in a sketchy neighborhood or a place that has strict long-term parking laws, perhaps leave your car with a friend or consider your airport parking options. Whatever you do, make sure that your vehicle is as protected from breaking-in and weather damage as your apartment. Coming home to problems with either is just no fun!

Well, there you have it, folks. Now, tell us below — is there something special you do to keep your apartment safe while you’re away?



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  1. Avatar Shelby P.

    A good idea for the lights is to invest in some timers. You can buy Woods 50006 Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer, 2-Pack for $8 on amazon. So you can have a lamp come on only at night and it will go off in the day. Also good for holiday lights and radios for pets!