5 Ways to Use Halloween to Bond with Your Roomies

bond with your roomiesIn need of some ideas about how to bond with your new roomies? Then you’ve come to the right place, and at the right time of year, too. Usually, the holidays are a time when you and your roommates will spend lots of time apart (visits home, separate parties with friends, etc.), but there’s no reason you can’t use the days leading up to a big celebration to your advantage. In fact, we’d say that the holiday right about the corner — Halloween — is one of the best for easing into bonding time with your fellow apartment mates because there are so many ideas for things you can do together before Halloween night that don’t seem super forced or awkward. Your roommates will probably have big plans for All Hallows’ Eve night, so we’ve put together 5 fun ideas for celebrating before Halloween to help you bond with your roomies, and get in the spirit, too!

1. Have a Pre-Halloween Party — Like we mentioned above, you and your roommates will probably have your own plans  Halloween night, but that doesn’t mean you guys can double up on the parties and have a pre-Halloween party at your apartment. It’s a great, laid back way to have fun together, and it’s a good excuse to invite your neighbors over and get to know them, too. Win-win!

2. Decorate the Apartment Together — Not really into turning your new apartment into a party house? Then keep things simple and fun by decorating the apartment for Halloween together. Turn on some scary movies, pick up some supplies from your local craft store, and bust out a bottle of your favorite alcoholic spirits and make a night out of it!

3. Have a Spooky Treats Making Night — Let’s be real…everyone loves desserts, especially when they’re decked out for Halloween. Lady fingers, anyone? Zombie cookies? Blood (we mean cherry) filled truffles? So plan a night to bake spooky treats together in the apartment, and just watch the good “getting to know you” moments unfold.

4. Have a Halloween Door-Decorating Contest — If you guys don’t really have the time to spend a whole night decorating the apartment in creepiness, have a door-decorating contest instead (only works if you have more than just one roommate, obviously). This takes off the pressure of “hanging out” but will still inspire some good times in the apartment.

5. Get Pumpkins & Paint/Carve Them Together — It’s hard to think of Halloween without imaging pumpkins (or jack o’lanterns, if you will), so get in the spirit by getting your roomier together for a night of pumpkin painting/carving. Once you’ve got your final masterpieces all done, set them outside your door or on your porch!


What will you and your apartment roommates be doing for Halloween? Tell us below!

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