10 Reasons Why Roommates Make the BEST Best Friends

If you’ve kept up with my story at all, you’ll know that I recently moved from an apartment in Atlanta (with my boyfriend) to an apartment at my university with three other girls. This has led me to reflect a lot on friendships–specifically what a best friend involves. I’m quickly realizing that your roommates often don’t get enough credit.

Why are they probably your best friends?

10. They know your weird habits. And love you anyways.

roommates make the best friends

That you apply wrinkle cream every night…and you’re in your 20s. That you wash your sheets every week. Weird stuff.

9. They share with you.

Emma Stone_ Easy A

The leftover cake in the fridge. Their shampoo when you run out. Their razor that one time that you didn’t tell them about.

8. They spend an awkwardly large amount of time with you.


I don’t see anything wrong with making breakfast, lunch and dinner together…and not leaving the apartment in between.

7. Your plans revolve around each other.

roommates make the best friends Don’t start Scandal until I get home, okay? Promise? Also what are we eating for dinner?

6. Speaking of, they watch your favorite show with you even if it’s the third season and they’ve never seen it.


You’re really improving their quality of life, right? 

5. You can bounce ideas off of them that no one else would understand.


Chocolate chip butter? Great idea! Not shaving your legs for six weeks? Sure, why not!

4. They are the perfect going out buddy, staying in buddy and the drinking wine in your pajamas buddy.


I suggest you live with one of each of these people.

3. They function as extra closets.


Can I borrow that shirt (again) bro? And the matching pants?

2. Sometimes they cook for you.


Because the worst part about making food is the “making” part.

1. They are always there for you.


…and not just because their bed is ten steps from yours.

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