I’m Moving To New York. But First, I’m Going To Visit.

New York City, USA - March 03, 2011: Times Square at night withWhen I was 12 years old, my family made a trip to New York, and I absolutely loved it. Ten years later, I am planning to move out there, and I’m very excited about it! My college friend Ande and I had the idea to make the move from San Francisco about a year ago, and we haven’t been able to shake it off. So in January 2015, we’re doing it. We actually just bought our flight tickets!

In preparation for the move, my dad and I are planning to make a trip out there at the end of  October to see what New York is really all about. I want to make this trip about experiencing real life in New York. Here are a few things I want to make sure I do while I am there.

Look at apartments and ask questions.

My plan is to live in Brooklyn because it will be cheaper than living in Manhattan. We want to live in an apartment building, and our budget will be around 2000 dollars. We would like to find an apartment with two bedrooms, but one of my goals will be to evaluate how possible that will be.

We have been using Craigslist to search for apartments, but I want to actually visit apartment buildings and talk to the building managers about how to get an apartment, and ask them about the costs of utilities and other things. I am not planning to bring my car to New York; I have read articles that advise against that, because of parking and traffic. I would love to try to find an apartment that is close to a popular subway station, so I can still enjoy easy transportation.

Explore job opportunities.

As I will be graduated from college by the time I move to New York, my goal will be to find a job within my area of study, which is business marketing. However, I am not above any job. I am open to a lot of different options, and I have already started applying to jobs, even though it might be slightly early. I am very motivated to get a job quickly in New York, so one of my goals for my trip will be to explore different areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan. I want to make sure that I know the location of the jobs that I am applying for, so that I can use that information to plan my commute options.

new york mapsLearn about New York public transportation.
I plan to take the subway a lot, since I won’t have my car. I ride public transportation all the time in San Francisco, and I honestly enjoy it. I want to see how the NYC subway compares to BART in San Francisco. I have been looking at subway maps and doing research to help me learn where to go, and how the whole system works. I have heard that it is much more complicated than BART. I’m excited to see the subway for myself.

Find places to eat, shop, and enjoy myself.

I am the kind of person who loves to eat out at restaurants, go shopping, etc. It’s really important to me to start finding places that I like. It’s hard to find my favorite restaurant from across the country. I want to spend a good amount of time exploring different areas of the city, and find fun things to do. It will be interesting to explore different restaurants and stores. I think this is what I’m most excited about for my trip!

Take a walk in Central Park

I know this is totally influenced by the movies, but I have always loved the idea of Central Park. It has always been something I have dreamed of, and I have never been! I want to take a walk in Central Park, and enjoy all of the people around me.

Some tourist attractions

In order to keep my dad happy, we are going to have to see some history. It’s not my main focus of the trip, but I’ve got to keep him happy too! Maybe we will go see the Statue of Liberty again!

I’m very excited about going to New York and seeing how people live. People that know about New York tell me that I would do well there, and it’s time I find out for myself. It’s going to be very interesting, and I hope, very rewarding!

If there’s anything you think I should do, let me know in the comments! I’ll keep you updated in my next posts.

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Benjamin Hawes is a recent college graduate from San Francisco that just made his life long dream of moving to New York come true in the beginning of 2015. While in college, Ben served as a resident assistant for three years, and has a lot to say about how to get along with roommates! He recently found an apartment in Bushwick, Brookyn. He is having fun making his way through New York as he starts to decorate his apartment and pay his bills!

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Comments (4)

  1. Avatar Lauren

    it’s a great city! It just allows for no relaxation, especially if you are anxiety-prone. Also, has similar people to LA and SF, hard to make new friends!

    But it’s NYC! all the best!

    • Ben Ben

      Thanks Lauren! I’m really excited about it. I’m back from my trip and I loved it! I’m really excited to move there. If it has similar people to SF, I’m excited about that! I tend to be a really social person, so hopefully I’ll be able to make some friends!

  2. Avatar shelleyihalman

    Hey Ben. Congrats on your decision to move to NYC. As someone who’s been weighing it as an option for not quite a year, and someone who has spent lost of time there and had lots of friends and family who have/do live there, I have some advice for you.
    1. Brooklyn is the new Manhattan. Meaning, even the crappy areas that aren’t as safe, and even the crappy apartments, are getting insanely expensive. I would suggest looking into Astoria, which is a great area in Queens and hasn’t blown up yet the way Brooklyn has, or the very upper areas of Manhattan (Harlem, Inwood/Morningside). You can also consider Hoboken, Jersey City, and the surrounding areas. Make sure you do some research on the tax balances while living in a different state from which you work.
    2. Determine your minimum income to survive. While it’s great that you’re saving up right now, savings do NOT last very long in New York. When you visit NYC, check out some grocery stores near where you’re planning on living and get an idea of how much more you’ll be paying for food (you can probably just about double what you pay now). Take into consideration the $112 (it’s possible the price has increased since I last looked) unlimited MetroCard if you plan on using the subway as your main form of transportation. If you move to NYC before you’ve landed a job, make sure you connect with some people beforehand who work in an industry (hospitality, customer service, etc.) that you could work in part-time and make enough to cover your basic needs.
    3. Before your visit, see if there will be any networking events happening while you’re there. Check out some companies on wearemadeinny.com and see if any of them are ones you might want to work for–try to set up a meeting with someone there or pop into their office.

    Good luck with everything! New York is an amazing place!

    • Benjaminhawes Benjaminhawes

      Wow thanks! That’s a lot of good advice. I especially like the idea of not only asking about prices from utilities etc, but also groceries and other things I will need to buy. Thanks!