Give Your New Dorm Room A Makeover

When you move into your new dorm room, you’ll probably look around and start thinking about ideas for decorating, and how you are going to pitch them to your roommate! A lot of dorm rooms end up looking very similar, but with some creativity, you can use these ideas and make them your own.

1. Fill The Walls

Dorm room makeoverDepending on how you distribute the decorating duties, you will have some blank walls that are completely yours to fill. You have favorite movies, bands, hobbies, etc. Think of something original to put up. A difficult part of moving into a new setting is meeting people, so try to choose art and decor that will spark fun conversations about who you are, and what you’re interested in. I decided to fill my entire wall with my own art, and that definitely got people talking. You can search “DIY Wall Art” online and find some cool projects to make for your room.

2. Add Some Lighting

Dorm rooms have terrible lighting. They just have one big fluorescent light in the middle of the ceiling. Almost nobody does anything about this, so if you can be the one to break free, your dorm room will stand out. One favorite thing I have done is to buy stringed light bulbs at Target, and hang them in a zig zag design across the ceiling. You can buy Command Hooks and use them for almost anything,  but they also work for hanging lights.

3. Hang Window Coverings

Another thing that will add personality to your room is your choice of window coverings. Dorm rooms don’t come with anything to cover the windows, so it’s an easy way to customize. You can find regular curtains at places like Target, but you can also get crafty. You can buy fabric that represents you well, and fashion some curtains out of it! Characters, patterns, or anything that feels right for you can be turned into curtains. They also keep your room dark if you need to sleep in!

4. Buy A Cool Rug

The one thing that will definitely add color and originality to your room is a rug for your floor. Dorms don’t have nice carpet, so adding a rug is another cheap and easy addition. You can get rugs anywhere from 10 dollars to 150 dollars. It all depends on your needs. If you’re just looking for a splash of color, that’s easy! You can also find rugs that depict your favorite shapes or characters.

5. Find A Fun Comforter To Bring It All Together

With the extra long dorm beds, you can’t just buy any sheets you want, but you have all the freedom you need when searching for a comforter that fits with your theme.  Find one that feels great.  You may even decide to buy multiple blankets, so you will have extras when your friends from home come to visit!

For a quick change of a boring old comforter, try a duvet cover.  They come in infinite variety of colors and designs and when you get tired of one, changing the look is a snap with a new cover.

Many students decide to do minimal decorating because they will only be in the room for one school year, but a year is a long time if you don’t feel “at home” in your room.  If you take a few minutes and plan it out, you can easily turn any dorm room (or at least your half of a dorm room!) into YOUR space.

Good Luck!  Let me know in the comments what other neat dorm decorating ideas you have used.

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