10 Fun Ways to Brighten Up Your Apartment With Washi Tape

When you live in an apartment, it’s really difficult to decorate without destroying the walls and ticking off the landlord. So what do you do when you can’t paint or can’t damage the walls too much with nail holes? Well, as I’ve discovered over my few years of apartment living, the answer is washi tape. Your first thought is probably, “Um. Tape leaves behind residue AND can leave marks.” You’re right. Regular tape can screw up a wall in seconds flat, but washi tape is different. Available in awesome colors and patterns and known for easy application and harm-free removal, this adhesive gem isn’t like the duct tape or packing tape you might be used to. And the best part — you can use it on basically anything. To show you that I speak the truth, here are 10 fun ways to brighten up your apartment with decorating dream product!

1. Deck out your electrical outlets and light switches

washi tape ideas

via Washi Tape Crafts

2. Create temporary photo frames

washi tape ideas

via Design Sponge

3. Add designs to the floor, ceiling, and walls

washi tape ideas

via Everything Emily

 4. Make your doors and hallways pop

washi tape ideas

via HGTV

5. Brighten up your cabinets


via MT Casa

6. Bedazzle the fridge and appliances


via The Every Girl

7. Give the ceiling fan some love

photo (11)

via Flea Market Fresh

8. Display your jewelry with a wall tree


via HGTV

 9. Tape up your table and chair legs


via Adornation 

 10. Make some DIY washi art

9 Pineapple Print | Delineate Your Dwelling

via Delineate Your Dwelling

Have you used washi tape in your current or past apartment? Share how below!

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