New Apartment, New Adventures

I can’t believe this summer is coming to a close. It really feels like yesterday that I was moving all of my things into my Atlanta apartment (and cursing the amount of junk I had accumulated! Don’t do what I did! Tips here.).

I’m headed back to South Carolina for my final year in college…and a brand spanking new apartment with new roommates. It’s sure to be a completely new adventure and something I’ve never really encountered before. The girls I’m living with are fun and spunky, so there’s no telling what will go on.

I am super sad to move away from my sweet roommate and boyfriend, but am so thankful for everything I learned while living with him this summer. Experiencing my first apartment with him was both fun and challenging! Moving away is definitely a bittersweet feeling. He’ll stay in our apartment in Atlanta while I’m in school, so don’t be surprised if you see a post about my Atlanta digs every once in a while (I visit often!). Cross your fingers that it doesn’t turn into a total man-cave while I’m gone.Moving-away-from-home

Packing has begun in our apartment. Since my new apartment is furnished, this mostly involves packing up clothes and knick knacks into plastic bins to easily transport (and then use for storage in my new apartment!). These bins were a great investment, and not too expensive. I’m taking the bare necessities and plan to do a little shopping with my new roommates to make our apartment cute. Since we are all spread across the country, we can’t really plan how to decorate until we’re in the same place. Watch for some DIY projects and decorating tips!

Thanks to you readers, I harnessed my creativity this summer and Matt and I had a blast. From redecorating and buying patio furniture to figuring out how to have fun while not going broke, I enjoyed sharing my experiences with you! Please stay tuned for new stories about living with not one…not two…but THREE other roommates this upcoming school year. Thanks again for keeping up with me! Talk soon!

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