My Five Step Moving Plan Progress Report: 5 Stars!

I am only a week away from the big move and now I feel couldn’t be more prepared. My last post was about my five step plan to find an apartment from afar and the best way to move without spending too much money.

I think I have done just that.

With my mother getting worried that the days were dwindling down, I spent hours on end with my roommate searching for places to live, typing in key words such as “available august 1”, “located near metro”, and “includes utilities”. Of course, my roommate and I wanted to find the best option for the both of us, which included the cheapest price. We would send each other links and set up appointments so she could check the place out, since I was unable to due to work. Places that looked good online were not so promising in person. This is where I would give my biggest piece of advice; if you are unable to check out a place in person have a friend do it for you. My roommate saved us from living in an area that had bars in all apartment windows.

When we found our current apartment, a nice 2 bedroom with 2 bathrooms, I could not be happier with the price and location. Apartment searching is 50% luck and 50% research; at least that’s what I believe. You can stumble across a great find, but without putting in the time or key words you will never find it. Thank you for being our lucky website!

Packaging a boxSo now that I have a permanent place to live, the U-Haul has been reserved and my mother’s plane ticket has been bought. All we have left is final packing and a 7-hour drive to the nation’s capital.

Once I’m there I have a to-do list that includes settling in, finding furniture, opening up a new bank account and finding my way around town. I am so close, yet so far, from calling Washington, DC my home!

While our contributing blogger, Mary Adams, has been a small town girl her whole life, she is taking her engineering degree to the Nation’s capital. She enjoys craft beer and running, as her real dream is to own her own brewery called Tastefully Offensive 


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Mary Adams has been a small town girl her whole life, but now she is taking her engineering degree to Washington, D.C. She enjoys craft beer and running. Her real dream is to own her own brewery called Tastefully Offensive.

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