Complete Dorm Room Packing Checklist & Tips!

I remember the day I moved into my freshman dorm room very vividly for one very key reason — I had way too much stuff. Let me make this clear now. Dorm rooms are small, and if you’re sharing that tiny space with a roommate (which you can pretty much count on), the amount of the room you have to fill with your belongings shrinks even more. Repeat that sentence to yourself over and over again if it’s what it takes to keep you from over-packing. Trust me, I wish I would have followed my own advice 6 years ago. But, as they say, we live and we learn. Today, I can hopefully prevent you for learning the same lesson the hard way (picture grumpy mom heading home with a whole lot of my junk that wouldn’t fit in the room, for example). So, before you pack for college, check out this dorm room packing checklist I’ve put together that details exactly what you will need. And the tips too!



*Helpful Tips:

Bedding — Before you buy sheets and such, be sure to check with your school about sizing. Some dorms will require extra-long sheets, but others will not.

Clothing — Only bring in season clothing at first. You’ll go home eventually (does not apply if you’re attending college far away from home) and you can switch out your clothing for the new season when it’s time.

Iron & Board — Before you add this to your packing list, check to see if your roommate will bring bringing one. You definitely don’t need two cluttering up your small space.

Compact Vacuum — Same as above. Check with your roommate first!

Printer — You and your roommate could share one for convenience. Your library will most likely have printers that you can use for a small fee.

TV, Microwave, & Minifridge — Same with the others. Don’t end up with two, so check with your roommate before packing these big, bulky items.

WARNING: If you are shy and have hard time making friends, don’t bring a TV. It will just encourage you to hang out with the Kardashians instead of other freshmen.


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