Back-to-School With Brita® & Target. Plus, Win a $25 gift card!

The giveaway is over and the lucky winner of the $25 Target gift certificate is Linda, whose must-have item was a mini-fridge.  Thanks to all participants!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Brita. All opinions are 100% mine.

He-YO it’s nearly time for back to school. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed some summer soirées in between your prestigious internships. Or, laughed at those toiling away interning while you worked on your tan. Personally, I went the route of working at a shoe store during the day and a book store coffee shop at night during my college summers… and was actually grateful when it was time for back-to-school. I was beat!

From my perspective, Target is THE place for back-to-school. I sometimes dream that heaven is comprised of soft jersey sheets and husband pillows…and then realize that place is real. And it is called Target. Check out my video, showing my trip.

Brita® the awesome water-filter company, very generous gave me a Target gift card so I could pick out some perfect items for first dorm/first college apartment living. Since the average college is HUGE (440 acres according to the interwebs), that’s a lot of walking. The Tufts campus where I spent four years, was designated as being Uphill or Downhill. Of course, my dorm was Downhill while my classes were Uphill. Water bottles were basically required along with the required reading. And, why buy a new one each day when you could just filter your own water to make it taste better? #saving. And way better for the environment than recycling all those used plastic bottles.

Personally, I didn’t think to use Brita® for my coffee – but I wish I had. I was disappointed in my home brew until recently and wondered what the heck I could be getting so wrong. Um, turns out that the water quality mattered. Which, sorry, DUH ALISSA. The water had a slight eggy quality to it without filtering and that could be tasted in the coffee. Sorry, I’m a coffee snob.

So what was in my Target haul?

1 Brita® Space Saver rel=”nofollow .Not only is it adorably blue but it should fit any size fridge – and yes readers – fill any size water bottle you like. Brita® also has their own line of reusable water bottles, so check ‘em out as well, as they are available at Target.

2) Brita® Water Filters (see above). Why? Because not all Targets are near college campuses and this way you don’t need to restock for the rest of the year, unless you have mad thirsty roomies. Fun Fact? The average human drinks around 58 gallons of water a year. That’s 1.5 Brita® filters.

3) Glad Trash Bags which, yes, are good for the garbage because no spillage. But, also for cleaning one’s room at home for the summer before backing to go back to school…and for time-to-time during the year if you’re one of those paper hoarders (like me).

4) Burt’s Bee lip-gloss. Yum and affordable. The one I had last year lasted nearly from Sept-June, though took a hit in the winter because brrr it got real cold in Chicago!

5) Tote’s Umbrella. I love this brand because the umbrellas hold up in all sorts of rain and it’s light within your book bag. Also, it’s hard to be sad about the rain when your umbrella is so darn colorful.

6) Socks and Underwear. Buy these in bulk, guys. No better place. Honestly, I’m almost brand agnostic when it comes to Target underwear. So…choose your own adventure.

7) Laundry Detergent.Tide Pods are handy, but there are also some good cheaper options out there if you need to make your budget.

Okay, so how can you win a sweet $25 gift card to Target to get a start on your first dorm/apartment? Tell us in the comments below the one Back-to-College Item you just NEED, GOTTA HAVE IT. Go!  We will randomly pick one winner on Monday, August 25 among all who commented.

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Comments (17)

  1. Avatar Zeena

    Great post!

    Large quantities of food would be my absolute necessity. And then there’s washi tape. I really need to stock up on washi tape if I’m planning on covering my entire apartment with it… :)

  2. Avatar Kailee

    I honestly NEED a Brita reusable water bottle! I love my Brita water filter at home, and I can’t imagine anything more handy than a portable water filter to take with me to all my classes! The water tastes great and I don’t have to worry about carrying around empty water bottles to take home and recycle!

  3. Avatar Elle

    Must have back to college item would be a full length mirror – those are a must..and back of the door shoe holders.