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Sponsored Post. Thanks to David and Isabella for donating the giveaway!

The giveaway has closed! Congratulations to our randomly selected winner, Maggie, and thanks for all who participated in the giveaway.

Standing deskHere at My First Apartment, you can always count on us to answer all your first apartment questions, to help you solve dilemmas, and to scout out the very best space-saving furniture finds. Today, we’re beyond excited to bring you a cool and inventive product that falls into that latter category – the Press Fit Standing Desk. Dreamed up by the creative minds of David Yamnitsky and Isabella Tromba, two MIT grad students, this Kickstarter-backed product is a portable standing desk that you can assemble and/or disassemble in seconds flat. That right, ladies and gents, no tools or crazy instructions required!

Why exactly did the Press Fit Standing Desk capture our attention? Because it’s a fantastic addition to any apartment. Simply throw it together when you’re in need of a desk or break it down and tuck the pieces away when you need some extra room in your apartment. On top of being space-friendly, this desk is ecological because it’s made out of maple plywood that is prefinished, biodegradable, and 100% formaldehyde free.  It is also lightweight and features a basic design that you can customize to your space with paint or even washi tape. Oh, and did we mention that it’s made right here in the good ole US of A?

We know what you’re thinking…you’ve seen other standing desks in the past and they were a pretty penny that your budget just couldn’t handle. But wait before you brush this off as just another impossible expensive find — this awesome furniture piece can be yours for only $199 if you participate in their Kickstarter-campaign in the next couple of days.

Impressed yet? We thought you might be, so we saved the best news for last – thanks to the generosity of creators, David and Isbella, we are giving away one Press Fit Standing Desk to one lucky winner!

How to enter the $199 STANDING DESK GIVEAWAY:

Tell us in comments below either why you need a standing desk or what other uses you could find for this standing desk in your apartment,  and you’ll be automatically entered in the giveaway!

Deadline: At midnight on September 1, 2014.  The winner is chosen randomly among all who comment, and notified by email on September 2, 2014.  This giveaway is only shipped to an US address.


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Comments (23)

  1. Avatar Audrey Zhang

    As a college student with back pain, I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk reading and working on my laptop – not very healthy – but standard-issue dorm desks aren’t conducive to modding to turn them into standing desks. This easily-assembled, portable standing desk is a dream!

  2. Avatar Erica

    I just moved to my first apartment and I have been very slowly buying and selecting furniture. The desk I had was incredibly too large and unpractical due to my living arrangements and quite frankly, a desk I’ve had since my youth. This standing desk is outrageously overdue for me. One thing I do enjoy doing is painting which is one of the many was I would utilize this amazing piece of furniture. Not to mention make it a home for all my new bills and computer instead of where they currently reside (couch, counter, basically any flat surface). Trust me, this desk would be right at home with me.

  3. Avatar Nick Nielsen

    This desk would go into my apartment and my back and shoulders are always hurting and strained by the time I’m done with all of my mechanical engineering classes for the day. I would love to be able to stand and do homework instead of having to sit the entire day of classes. Hopefully no more PT appointments will be made after the conversion!

  4. Avatar Danielle

    A piece of furniture like this is just what I need in my first apartment – adds room to work and easy to make room for play. Perfect for when friends come over

  5. Avatar Maggie

    I would use the standing desk for any and everything! I hate sitting still and am still adjusting from being a division one lacrosse player to the working world…aka sitting all day. I would love to have the ability to organize my work, bills, life at a desk I can comfortably stand to use! I currently try to stand at my desk; however, leaves me with back pain from leaning over! I love that it easily collapsible and can be moved throughout my apartment for a make shift buffet counter when friends are over and really anything in between!I love the space underneath and would definitely take advantage of the storage possibilities, probably with a tall basket filled with books and magazines that I have!

  6. Avatar Jason I.

    I need a standing desk for my craft work–leaning over while seated doesn’t get me as close for fine detailing as standing would. And the collapsibility is a bonus incentive to finish a project and put the desk away!

  7. Avatar carys

    This is a cute desk + it looks like it could be very versatile! I could see using it for working (i do freelance illustration,) food prep, displaying my roommate’s clunky record player, etc.

  8. Avatar stefaniegladden

    I need a standing desk because we need one for the kids computer in our house! they use the computer a lot now for school and it would be great to have an awesome desk to organize all of their stuff on! we could also use it for a tv stand or sewing machine desk!

  9. Avatar amanda

    I’m just starting college next year and I’m extremely nervous. I want to do well very badly. I fir the first time in my life feel like I have a direction to head in… and this desk would really go a long way towards that when I move out in November.

  10. Avatar D. G.

    I love standing desks! I’m starting grad school tomorrow (!) so I’d like a place to study!

  11. Avatar robyn corum

    Oh my stars! This is absolutely BRILLIANT! My son, Tanner, is moving into his first apartment – the beginning of September, actually. With just 500 square feet, every single inch of that space must do double duty, and each purchase is thoughtfully considered – not only for design and appeal – but for FUNCTION! We’ve squandered a lot of time and energy searching for a piece of furniture Tanner could use in the ‘kitchen’ area of the apartment; something that could double as a work-station for food preparation, since he has very little counter space, and then as a table for meal-time. Problems we saw repeatedly: Tanner is rather tall, so most pieces were awkward, OR the prices were so high it wasn’t feasible!

    After watching the video, I’m convinced the Press Fit Standing Desk would be ideal. And the hidden ‘gem’ is the fact that as the owner’s life and needs change over the years, the ‘role’ the desk plays can change as well. This is an item that, literally. could be used in any room in the house!

    I am so impressed. Wow. Thanks for sharing this with us!!! [Pick ME!! *smile*]

  12. Avatar Lori

    I am a full-time student on a very limited budget. I’m moving into my own small apartment this weekend. I won’t have any furniture of my own except for in my bedroom. It would be great to put this desk in a little nook to study and not be confined to my bedroom all of the time. Also, my birthday is in the beginning of September and this would be an awesome gift! Thank you!

  13. Avatar chickie brewer

    My apartment is very small. It would be so much easier to write at a desk.. Instead of a kitchen table or my lap.

  14. Avatar Samantha

    I’m moving into my first apartment next week and will be starting from scratch (i.e., I have absolutely no furniture). This standing desk would be ideal for me as I recently dislocated my shoulder. Having good posture is extremely important for recovering shoulder injuries and helps prevent future dislocations (which unfortunately are far too common). This desk would allow me to work from home and maintain better posture than I could in a regular desk, thus helping my shoulder recover correctly.

  15. Avatar Patrice Marie

    Im getting my first apartemnt with my boyfriend and we are both going to school, him to be a correctional officer and myself to be a nurse. I have a desk for myself and all my school supplies but he has yet to get one. It will match with our new home and all the furniture we bought for it . We have both been using this website to prep for our brand new apartment . It has become my new bible.

  16. Avatar Michelle

    I’m a teacher in Teach For America in the Mississippi delta and I live in a tiny room in an apartment with other corps members. We all have so many papers and projects from all our students. This desk would be a great way for me to organize some of my papers, and I could move the desk to whichever room is more convenient at the time. I could even grade while cooking!

  17. Avatar Lindsay

    It’s beautiful! I just graduated college and got my first big girl job teaching high school science. I have found my first apartment and I’m moving in this coming weekend. I really need a desk to grade papers and work on in my apartment. I love this desk and it would be the perfect size for my little apartment :)

  18. gojessiego gojessiego

    I’d use it for working at home. I get really bad back pain, which is escalated from sitting in chairs all the time…what a great way to help with that issue!

  19. Avatar Joelle

    I am a new mom and my daughter is happiest when being held. I often find myself working at the kitchen counter because it is the right height. This desk would be the perfect solution though! I love that it is formaldehyde free as well!

  20. Avatar Ana Cantu

    My husband and I have been searching all over for a nice priced desk that we could put in our office. It is our first apartment and we need all the deals that we can get. Him and I both are in desperate need of a desk because we both work in administration. He is an admin in the Marines, and I work for my family company. Also, I am a college student. If we were to win this contest I would be so blessed and thankful to have this in my home. It is a beautiful desk and my husband and I both will take great care of it.