10 Apartment-Friendly Picks from IKEA’s 2015 Catalogue

Last month, I had my yearly Christmas in July celebration. No, I didn’t invite friends and family over for a big pre-holiday bash. Instead, my festivities were just limited to me and the mother of all apartment shopping catalogues — the yearly IKEA booklet. This year, their focus was on making your space fit your needs and mesh with your living style. Whether you’re into bright colors and unique gadgets or neutrals and the basic essentials, there’s definitely something in the 2015 IKEA catalogue that’s ideal for your taste, lifestyle, and budget.

There are even great buys available in the new collection that are friendly for apartment-dwellers like you and me. Below are 10 that caught my eye with their space-saving potential!

1. Ikea PS 2014 Corner Easy Chair ($369)



When your living space is small, putting your corners to good use is key to maximizing the square footage available to you. For this reason, I fell head over heels for this useful, yet chic corner lounge chair. Doesn’t it just look like a perfect place to snuggle up with a good book?

2. Gunnern Mirror Cabinet ($50)


If you live in an older apartment, chances are that your bathroom lacks the storage space you need. Trust me, I’ve been there and dealt with that problem a time or two before. So when I laid eyes on this colorful little medicine cabinet, I jumped for joy a little bit — extra storage and an afforadable price too!

3. Jordet Room Divider ($80)


This piece is great for open floor plans (like loft apartments) or for dividing up space when you’re living with a roommate.

4. Ikea PS 2014 Storage Table ($69)


I’m a self-professed lover of color and unique finds, so this vibrant and vintage-inspired storage table caught my eye as soon as I opened the new catalogue. I don’t know about you, but I think this storage-maximizing table would be a great nightstand or coffee table. Oh, and did I mention that the layers unstack and turn into different sized trays? Yep! The functions go on and on and on.

5. Glotten Storage Stool ($30)


Another fabulous multi-functional piece is this dual step-stool and storage basket (I love it as a laundry basket). When it comes to apartment living, you want your purchases to go as far as they possibly can — this cool little combo definitely does just that.

6. Klockis Clock/Thermometer/Alarm/Timer ($5)


Speaking of getting the most out of your money, knock out four buys in a snap with this handy dandy clock, thermometer, alarm, and timer.

7. Mulig Clothes Bar ($5)


You can never have too many places to hang things, so I immediately fell for this affordable clothes bar.

8. Boholmen Dish Drainer & Flatware Basket ($8)


I’ll admit it, I’m the absolute worst about letting disgusting, dirty dishes pile up in the sink. This dish rack and flatware bin sits down in the bottom of your sink and gives you a little nudge to clean that plate and fork right away.

9. Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack ($13)


Awesome counter-space saver! And for only 13 dollars, too.

10. Norden Gateleg Table ($199)


This table is all about serving your needs. Whether you have two people for dinner or four or you need a desk and table in one, this piece of furniture is an inventive way to get many uses out of a single item. Basically, I believe it had to be dreamt up with apartment-living ladies and gents in mind. It seems that way with all its nifty features.


Alright apartment-residing folks, what are your favorite picks from the new IKEA catalogue? Share below!

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  1. Avatar Cassandra Daniels

    I have the norden, I found it in the As-Is section for half the price and it’s amazing.