How To Host A Small Apartment Dinner Party

Group Of Friends Sitting Around Table Having Dinner PartyEntertaining in a small space? No problem.

My family is big on dinner parties and we all love to get together for a fun meal. After moving out, we’ve received some pressure to have everyone over to see the new place, and I’m more than happy to oblige. This requires a lot of thought and prep, though, especially with limited seating, cooking and serving space.

My advice?

Keep it small. Be honest, there is probably not room for 10 people to sit and eat comfortably. (Maybe room for 10 to come and play drinking games, but this is an adult dinner party we’re talking about!)

Pick a simple meal. Use as few dishes as possible to avoid cluttering the kitchen and having to wash them multiple times throughout the meal. Check out 5-ingredient recipes to keep the dinner delicious and simple.

Ask for help. If you’re like me, you love looking completely put-together. Hint: you will not look completely put together while you’re scrambling around, trying to get a dinner ready alone! See if your guests will bring a bottle of wine or an appetizer. Maybe a couple friends like to cook and would be happy to help in the kitchen during the evening. Having help also often makes having others over for dinner seem natural!

Decide seating. In our apartment, we have a sofa and two bar stools. Honestly, we can seat four or five for dinner. Thankfully, my family is not high maintenance (and after vacuuming!) we can put a few couple of people on the floor around the coffee table. But make sure to plan it out so you’re not worried on the day-of.

Get creative. Your friends are excited to share your new space with you. I plan to open our little porch for appetizers and happy hour and then move inside for dinner.

Prep beforehand.  I’ve learned from my parents to get a lot done before guests arrive. This means setting out plates and silverware, preparing the drinks area, chopping vegetables and washing salad ingredients.

Clean! Growing up, I hated having to clean when company came over. Having my own place now, though, has made me completely understand. I want to be sure to put my best foot forward, even in front of my family. Buckle down, vacuum, dust, Windex…get the apartment in tip-top shape.

Good luck throwing a fun and delicious dinner party! Let us know your best party tips in the comments.

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