How I Moved Out …The Wrong Way!

Just like most teenagers fresh out of high school with the newfound freedom of turning 18, I thought I was pretty much invincible. Along with my new freedom also came more money than I had ever had. Between the cash in my graduation cards and other income I’d saved, I had over $1000 all at once! I made a few trips to the mall and blew a couple hundred bucks and then decided (oh so logically!) that it would be a perfect time to take all my money and move out on my own!

Well, actually not really on my own. I was not moving into an apartment but into my boyfriend’s mom’s basement! I know, I know what a stupid idea! Looking back I can’t believe I was ever so naive as to think that it would work in the long run. I didn’t even have a job yet!

Metaphor showing communication between generationsLost in love and thinking about how fantastic it would be to live with my long-time boyfriend, I antagonized my mom until we got into a fight of epic proportions and over a text message I told her if I couldn’t have my way then I was going to move out. Not to mention, she was on vacation in a different country when I did this. Definitely not my smartest idea…

Over the next four months I went through some of the most fun and trying times. I burned the bridge with my mom and had to rely on my boyfriend for rides to school and pretty much all of my support. It definitely put a strain on our relationship.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse my boyfriend’s mom invited another family to live in the same house! Pretty soon there were 10 people occupying a house that is only meant for about four or five. Out of those 10, five of us were teenagers. As you can imagine it soon became like a frat house. There were always random kids coming over to hang out and there was never any peace and quiet. Then the twin teenage boys that lived in my house started fighting with everyone. Pretty soon it was evident that this moving out had been a bad choice.

Luckily for me, around Christmastime my mom invited me over and gave me back my old room. I’ve been living back home ever since. I finally did get a job and have it still to this day. My boyfriend got a full time job and I bought a car. Now that we finally have our ducks in a row, we are ready to move out, but this time the right way!

Our contributing blogger, Chloe Corniel,  is a working college student, born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She is now on a quest for the perfect apartment to start her journey.

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